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  1. I have not yet tested to see if my current aux pump works, i can see it dripping every few minutes i will test this when i replace the battery. If it is working i will check why it is dripping water, its possible the silicone pipes may not be flush. If it seems dead i will just replace. PCV.. when i did the delete on my rado surprisingly there wasn't much of a smell and after driving it daily for a sometime after i did not notice any oil drips below the filter. It was a temp thing however as mentioned i sold it before installing the catch can. The throttle body seems a little sticky and the pcv valve was covered in oil. I can of-course give everything a clean and reinstall but i quite fancied a catch can haha. Just wanted to confirm there would be no issues in doing so.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I will keep the Aux water pump and replace with a new unit. Seems simple enough to do.
  3. Picked up a golf vr6 recently, planning to do some restoration work and also sort out the engine bay. I wont go in to the car much as I know its a Rado forum however I need some advice on the engine. A few things I wanted clarification on, firstly the PCV valve, I deleted this on my rado and stuck a small filter on the end whilst i waited to do the catch can mod. I didn't get round to doing this as I ended up selling it. By deleted the PCV valve would there be any negative issues? I didn't notice any on my rado but it was short term. Also the wire mesh inside looked ok-ish does this have to be there. Next thing i have a slight drip from the After-Run Coolant Pump now I have seen a few posts on the net about deleting this, is this a good route to go down ? I was looking to replace it however if it's something that can be deleted without any adverse effects to the engine then I will just go ahead. Im aware of the purpose it serves. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. Harry-vr6

    Vento lights

    i have a set of vento lights that where on my previous golf vr6 mk3, they are in good condition with the wiring loom and are the angel eye typ will post pics once cleaned up
  5. No sure i will have to remove over weekend and update then. If I vaguely remember there 7j front 8j rear, the rear wheels do look wider (staggered)
  7. All 4 wheels are in good condition, the only areas that may need attention are the edges of the rim, not noticeable if you put tyres on in the normal manner, mine are stretched hence why you can see the outer edges. Apart from that they are in my opinion in good condition, paint looks good no flaking or chips are apparent on the surface of the wheels, they are gun mental grey in color. No cracks in the alloys, no leaking of air or buckle issues. I have covered over 500 miles (one trip) less than a month ago in the car it was perfectly smooth. All wheels currently have some type of hubcentric adaptors to allow them to be fitted on the car (currently on my MK3 Golf, 5x100 to 5x130) so please check if they will fit on your car. I am confident they will fit the Corrado models. (5x100) I will be giving the adaptors with the wheels including bolts, the centre caps are all present bearing the Porsche logo. These adaptors on there own fetch £100 thats not including bolts, however I'm a reasonable guy. Not sure what I want in terms of cash, ideally looking to swap them for some deep dish style wheels 16-17" preferred 5x100, I am happy to leave the tyres on the wheels as long as yours also have tyres, mine have decent amount of thread left. I am aware they can fetch between £300-£400 on there own (quick check on Ebay etc) please bare in mind I am giving a complete set up with everything included so you can put them on your car so no silly offers. If your wheels are worth less I am not to bothered as long as I like them and they are in good condition etc. PICS CAN BE SEEN VIA LINK BELOW http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/5727882/PORSCHE_D90_wheels_alloys_VW_Audi_5x100/ [ATTACH=CONFIG]83220[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]83220[/ATTACH]
  8. Sorry if placing the link is against any rules if it is plz delete
  9. http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/5727882/PORSCHE_D90_wheels_alloys_VW_Audi_5x100/ LINK TO THE ALLOYS INCLUDING FULL DESCRIPTION
  10. Performance whise they are great, iv not owned a non vr6 rado or golf so in comparison to them im not sure.. onestly its tough im a firm supporter of the vr6 engine, the sound, performance etc ... The mk4 r32 feels more nippy which ofcourse it is but the way it delivers power etc is quite different to the old vr6, its not a bad car it will satisfy u but don't expect it to be bang on like a vr6.. Another thing pal if your budget is around 7k y dont u consider a mk5 r32?? Much more modern.. More space etc.. Then again a mk4 is special :)
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