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  1. Hi Wendy, Byrd, Goldfinger and Ruggy. Thanks for the warm welcome, it make me feel at home already.
  2. Hi Goldfinger, Ruggy, Wendy and Byrd. Thanks for the warm welcome. Byrd,I'll take good care of her. she's part of the family now.:thumbleft: Wendy, Glad to hear you are visiting S.A. I hope you have a pleasant Visit here.
  3. Hi all. I recently became the new proud owner of a Corrado VR6 that was owned by Byrd who also referred me to the forum.I'm new to the Corrado scene and have a lot to learn about these beautiful machines. As there are very few corrado's in our country (I know of only 6 and only 2 of them are vr6's) Maybe someone can tell me otherwise. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. Best Regards VW4Life
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