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  1. Looking for £140 +15 delivery for these if anyone is interested as I'm moving to Saudi to work, so would rather see them go
  2. These are from my 2.0l 16v Corrado, 17 inch rota's 4x100 sat on there with some spacers which do make the car look nice, just fancy a change, 2 have been bead blasted and two original colour, tyres all good, the rear two just need a tiny bit of paint stripper on to fully remove laquor that's it. Looking for around £300 or sensible offers [ATTACH]79958[/ATTACH][ATTACH]79959[/ATTACH]
  3. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=111489589975 Vw Corrado/jetta/golf, Shocks And Springs
  4. Had the joys of sorting my arches out today [ATTACH]79957[/ATTACH]
  5. They are rota slipstream, looking at changing them though
  6. Well I've been using this forum for a few weeks now so thought I should share a picture of my rado, she is a 2.0l 16v and has been a pain in my arse but is finally getting there [ATTACH]79940[/ATTACH]
  7. Forgot to add or sensible offer
  8. Temmsy

    Rust speckles

    Was seeking some advice, this may sound stupid but lately the car has been getting battered buy stone chips and due to where I live they are now turning in to rust patches and not looking pretty, I was wondering if anyone had any good treatment procedures they have used before
  9. These are from my 2.0l 16v, Sachs shocks front and rear with bellows not long been on the car also h&r springs which are £232 new which have not done many miles both in excellent condition, springs are 30mm. I am looking for £200 job lot of anyone is interested, would rather put them in here first before offering them other places.[ATTACH]79932[/ATTACH]
  10. I have a front grill of my 2.0 16v 1995 for sale looking for £25 delivered or open to a sensible offer It is in good condition apart from one of the upper clips is broke as shown in the picture e[ATTACH]79930[/ATTACH][ATTACH]79931[/ATTACH]
  11. I've got some springs I've just took of my car as I've put coilovers on, they are basically new
  12. Temmsy

    Seats ??

    Afternoon all, I'm looking at changing from material to leather seats in my rado, reason I'm on here is I'm wondering what other seats fit in these cars as coming from t4's and stuff the majority of seats would go in, just wondered if there was any other choices around please ??
  13. My bad forgot about that bit ha ha
  14. I have a set of 17 inch rota slipstreams with very good tyres, they have just been beed blasted so the powder coating is removed as was going to polish them up but now fancy a change and wondered if anyone would be interested in them in either swap or sale !![ATTACH]79921[/ATTACH]
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