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  1. Here's mine not measured it yet but i will soon. its on supersport coilovers. hutchy.
  2. Yes mate everyday, 50mile round trip to work an back too :cry: but i couldn't bare to lift it now, i'm sure your the same :roll: hutchy.
  3. Here's the first pic of my car after the body mods, from this pic you can see the new debadged grill, smoothed plate recess, repainted splitter, colourcoded handles, 'show plate'. but there's also a smoothed rear panel and smoothed tow eye recess on the back bumper. A new custom stainless system, awaiting custom stainless 4 branch and its just had top end rebuild. i'm skint but very happy with the car :D see you guys at tatton park (on demonvw) hutchy.
  4. Here you go mate, 9 x 16 et15 with 205/40/16 tyre. :twisted:
  5. if they have i've never used it, just ask richard to email you a proof across before you confirm. hutchy
  6. Hi mate, we'll do it for £150 but we're in manchester?? any good to you?? here's a pic of my c fresh out of our bodyshop with a smooth front bumper. Its now back in for smooth rear bumper and rear panel. hutchy.
  7. Speak to Richard @ RGC on 01933 418 419. Tell him you got the number from danny @ bodystyle, he'llsort you some plain show plates any font any size. hutchy
  8. THEY SHOULD DEFINITELY GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT ON PARTS!!!! by using your car in their ad they are in someway implying that they had something to do with 'producing' it. I'd give them a call and see what the response is like. Hutchy.
  9. Anyone seen our new ad on pg65 of Perfromance VW. I'f not why have you not bought the mag with the feature of A20 LEE's stunning vr6. The ads just before the feature. 8) Note: ignore the schmidt prices, they are due to be greatly reduced in the next issue. Feel free to call with any enquiries Hutchy :twisted:
  10. Awesome car mate, a really good feature too. absolutely stunning.....and right after our new ad - bodystyle uk. cheeky plug i know but........... hutchy :)
  11. HERE ARE SOME OF THE SPECIAL OFFER S I CAN DO AT THE MOMENT FOR WOLFRACE WHEELS. 1. 17" Voodoo 2, mantis (silver) and katana (shadow chrome) with 205/40/17 tyres inc locking bolts and vat. £495 or £320 wheels only 2. 17" mantis (shadow chrome) with 205/40/17 tyres inc locking bolts and vat. £520 or £350 wheels only these are only available while current stocks last. we are based in trafford park, manchester and fitting can be arranged. please call if interested - 0161 877 6355 - danny
  12. where can i host some small videos?? any free sites?? or is there another way to put them on here?? hutchy
  13. That shrunk red corrado is AWESOME, its my new desktop:)
  14. Just spotted a dark coloured C on the m66, passed you an gave you a beep an a flash of the hazards. I think you flashed your lights back, then you turned off for park 66. any takers?? hutchy.
  15. I had this too but i was doin about 130 (on clock) at the time. The front end went very light and was wandering from side to side a little. i think this was an extreme circumstance tho as it was very windy an i was goin pretty quick. It usually feels very stable. hutchy.
  16. I've just got todays advent special offer. Today its for 18" warriors or dragons with 215/35/18 tyres. Inc v+b inc deliv and locking nuts. £625 inc vat. A deposit of £100 could be taken today and wheels could be collected in january if need be. please call asap on 0161 877 6355 - stocks are limited. hutchy. p.s sorry vr6's but 4 stud only.
  17. Suprisingly its the opposite for me, i used to get pulled at least once a week when i had the mk2, just for random things like using my rear view mirror too much ( no really ) but on the producer form he put vehicle check, then he put the date as two years before he pulled me, so i actually wasted my time producing :mad: total toss bag :mad: But in the rado i've only been pulled once and then i deserved it, he caught me at ninety on the slow down from........lets just say more than that. so i suppose i was lucky to just get three points and a sixty quid fine. At first he was chattin away about the car an i thought he was gonna let me off.......but then he got his little book out :( hutchy :twisted:
  18. I like the sound of this, i'll show up for the 16v's. with enough notice i could prob afford it too :) hutchy
  19. at worst a set of three or five mil spacers should sort it. but as kev said - trial fitting one is the best way. hutchy.
  20. Five studs are measured by twice the distance from one stud to the centre of the hub hole. thus giving you the pitch circle diameter of the studs. if you measure stud to stud on a five stud you will not get the pcd. four stud is easier you can just measure stud to stud for the pcd as they are opposite each other. by the way a 53 offset on a bm sounds a little odd. which model were they off?? if they are off a five or seven series it is more likely to be 23, if they are of a 3 series it is more likely to be 33. just worth taking a closer look. hutchy.
  21. i'd be interested in this. when are you aiming for?? What about the b&q warehouse off the m62 in bury?? its big, there's not bad lighting and there's a burger king?? just an idea. hutchy. :twisted:
  22. Hi mate, i ran 215/40/16's on my last set of 16x9's but i thought there was too much tyre there if you know what i mean. They were stretched but there was too much profile. I'm now running 205/40/16 nexen n3000 on my current set and i think they are a perfect size for the car. They are very stretched and low profile too. mine are 9 x 16 et15 and the car is dropped all the way to 120mm on the back and about 100mm on the front. I had to do a lot of arch trimming as rolling wouldn't have been enough!!!! my cars in members gallery under 'hutchy's 16v' but the pics are not very good quality. all i can say is GOOD LUCK :) hutchy :twisted: also i wouldn't worry about them ' popping off ', mine get a good amount of abuse and i've never had that happen. The rim would touch the floor before the tire came off.
  23. hutchyvw

    ET 42 ok?

    The centre bores definitely 56.6 so it'll need to be bored out to 57.1. if your any where near manchester or bolton i can put you intouch with a place that'll do it for you mate. hutchy.
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