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  1. G60 corrado G Lader required, anything considered, ported, unported, requires service, just serviced etc. need to replace the one that self destructed!:bonk::bonk:
  2. No won't turn over, it's almost as if it has a flat battery, which I know it hasn't. Need to take the serp belt off I suppose and try and turn it over then. If it's terminal watch this space for parts!
  3. Good shout! I have however tried to start it just to move it from the end of the junction but it won't even turn over. Is this because the charger has jammed or is it because there's another issue? Gonna get it towed to my local garage tomorrow and get a prognosis :(
  4. Rebuilt the charger a few days ago, still running it in when the dash warning lights flicked on and the car jolted and stopped! Looked under the bonnet an low and behold the belt has snapped causing the charger to self destruct. Clearly I've done something wrong or something has failed. Anyhow need to fix it. Replacing the charger I can deal with but could it have had an effect on the engine if the charger has locked and stopped the serpentine belt? Any advice much appreciated.
  5. So if I get another shaft key and Aly pulley, it should be okay as long as it's tight. I don't want to be paying out for another pulley in 6 months time. Anyone know where the best place to get a shaft key from? 6x4x35v? Thanks Richman!
  6. So. Jumped into the car this morning and could hear a strange rattling from the charger! Started to take it to pieces today and found that the pulley and shaft key have been eating each other! The pulley key way is about twice the width it should be. The pulley is an after market aly one 68mm, it's only been on the car for 6 months. Before I replace it I would like to know if this is a common issue and what I can do to stop it happening again? Should I replace it with a steel pulley instead of aly?:scratch:
  7. So had my standard G60 box replaced today for an ASD (the standard gearbox was oozing oil out of the driveshaft seals). Wow what a difference! It is a completely different driving experience. I didn't like it at first, it felt sluggish and not very responsive, lack of torque. But then I found it can do 40 in first and 70 in second! I'm not going to make a habit of it though! So my question is if I upgrade my pulley and chip will I get the torquey ness back? Also is there likely to be more strain on the clutch now also?
  8. Ok seeing as I've had no replies I'm just going to get one and see what happens......:bonk:
  9. Thinking of squeezing a little extra out of my G60 with a slightly smaller pulley 68 to 65mm. Tell me is it absolutely necessary to upgrade the chip too? Or will it not feed the correct amount of fuel? Everything else on the car is stock even the ride height!
  10. Thanks Ray1965. I will defo try this. I had another fiddle last night and found the throttle cable was a little sluggish returning. I disconnected it and the throttle body spring back no problem. Does anyone know where you can get a throttle cable from if I need one or can you service them? The thing I don't get is it's fine when the engines warm???
  11. Hi all, had my G60 on the road for a month now after servicing the charger and doin numerous other bits. But the past couple of weeks the throttle has been sticking, anywhere between 1500 and 5000 rpm! This only happens when it's cold, as soon as its warmed up its fine, but it's very annoying! I've checked the cable, that's good. I've removed the ISV and that's free. What is the next thing I should check? the only mod I've got is a 68mm pulley and chip from Ocd, but I'm pretty sure it's not this as it was fine for a couple of weeks. Any pointers would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I've recently bought a G60 and have started using this site for info. It's a great site! I have very little history with the car but I do know from the hpi it was written off cat C in 2009. From what I can gather it was sat up for a few years until being repaired. I can see that the front lower cross member and radiator are recent but all the other panels in this area are genuine. Track rod ends etc are all pretty rusty so none of this was replaced. Is there any other way of getting history on it? Ie how bad the damage was?
  13. The cars been stood up for 5 years before I bought it, so I might replace it first and see what happens.......any ideas where to get one, looks pretty unusual.
  14. [ATTACH=CONFIG]80362[/ATTACH]Hi All, anyone know what this fuse is for and possible causes for it blowing? Is it for the cooling fan
  15. That's it decision made, I'm going to strip the charger tonight and get the bearings and apex strips online. I know theres plenty of outlets but who would you recomend at a decent price?
  16. [ATTACH=CONFIG]80349[/ATTACH]So I've split the charger tonight and apart from a bit of the strip hanging out it all looks good, would that have lost me my power? I'm in two minds whether or not to strip it down.what do you guys recommend?
  17. Thanks for your replies so far. So I've split the charger tonight. I can't find any numbering on it at all. I should have added some pics hopefully! Now my question is this. It looks in pretty good shape all I could find was one of the strips has slid out slightly, would this have effected my performances much? Should I carry on and change the bearings, strips and o rings or should I just put it back together?
  18. So I've bought a G60 which has zero history and have decided to whip out the charger. The car has done 140k and the charger seems to pull like a train but after testing it, it was only pulling 1660 psi. Couple of questions, would it be possible that the charger has never been serviced? It was a pig to get out, pretty much every bolt was seized solid and I've got the bloody knuckles to prove it. Secondly (forgive my ignorance) which pulley do you replace if you want more bhp? Is it the one at the top or bottom? How so I know if it has already been done?
  19. All sorted thanks one and all!
  20. Hi All, just bought my first Corrado G60. Whilst cleaning out under the air box I've found this random wire anyone any ideas? All the lights are working as they should. [ATTACH=CONFIG]80328[/ATTACH]
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