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  1. Haven't seen a rado on the road for ages, until last night when I was out for a pedal on the bike; Blackberry M plate going over the bridge at Crowthorne Station about 11pm... :clap:
  2. lovely, cheers.. Watched a mk1 storm in green get towed by the DVLA a while back, was sitting on the verge outside an old boys house, went round to see if I could buy it as the rust was getting a hold and it needed saving, but he was adamant that it was a classic worth at least £10k and refused to sell... :cuckoo: :(
  3. How far is your commute? What about cycling?
  4. Discovered the original exhaust system had, after being on the car for 15 years, corroded badly enough to need replacing. Ordered a Milltek cat back system... better be good.... :?
  5. Firstly :( pretty f'd off. Agreed to put a bike rack on the car for a trip and now have some nice scratches from it... never again...... Any ideas on the best way to remove/hide, its down to the primer in parts. Wondering if there are any miracle cures out there these days or if is tcut going to work, never used it before so a bit wary... Failing that, anyone recommend a company that could fix?
  6. Looking a little shabby for the mileage... Wondering where that was imported from, not seen a high level brake light before (unless thats an aftermarket thing) Hints at a US import but the bumpers are Euro, and it states theres a 2.9 engine?! Money could would be OK if it wasn't an Auto, although I've only ever seen air con on the Auto so thats a selling point I guess....
  7. Talc

    Car Tax

    Yey, after sitting for over a year the rado passed mot with just an advisory on corroded disks!!! on the theme of car tax... was going to get it online but can't find anything that says whether I can drive the car before the physical tax disk arrives, anyone know..?
  8. Just add kickstart theme tune...
  9. Talc


    Something I hadn't watched for a few years but stumbled upon again today, you've probably all seen before but theres always a few who haven't so thought i'd put it up on here.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O22a0jQKcm4&feature=related Enjoy...
  10. The two parts compiled together: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1701276842?bctid=1804003629 (can download this with realplayer too?)
  11. cock it, missed it, :( when's it next on... competition details from the fifth gear site: http://fifthgear.five.tv/jsp/5gmain.jsp?mnk=522
  12. so any other effective methods of removing the glass intact from the bracket? started cutting the plastic bracket to get to it, but theres parts that i just cant cut being to close to the glass...
  13. On Board footage from Hamiltons Car of the incident... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ovii_wwwformulamagcom-hamiltonkimi_sport They should show a lot more footage of the races from the car, it's awesome...
  14. Wokingham Car Spares & Scrap Metal 0118 989 4652 Silver Birch, Highland Avenue, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 4SP
  15. yeah, bonnet wedged shut, got them to get it down from the rack it was on so I saw the was engine there from underneath, didn't look that bad, not entirley sure why it was scrapped tbh....
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