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  1. Gorgeous Rado in Lillington, Leamington Spa (I know exactly where but won't post). See it most mornings. Give me a shout if it's you I'm around the corner :)
  2. Grey M reg VR gorgeous example at McDonald's drive thru Leamington Spa. Still here and nice to see :) took a sneaky piccies too :) ain't in my Rado though xx
  3. I've got a Clifford on mine, would definitely recommend it for security. I can't actually drive my own car most of the time! :bonk::mad2::mad2::mad2:
  4. Bug never goes away ;)
  5. You're all going 'overboard' now...
  6. Depends how much you want to get your hands dirty. Mine cost me £250, however with that i've had to change headgasket, clutch, timing etc, steering rack (thanks Chris) , ABS pump, CV joints and lots of other bits and bobs. I still need 2 new front seats, she needs a full respray and full alloy refurb. I've had very useful friends and myself, so most of my costs have been parts very luckily but i'd say she's cost me about 2k + purchase price so far with still a list (the expensive stuff) to go. I'll never sell her though and will chuck in the money when I have it. It really just depends what plans you have for it :)
  7. Lots of tea & crumpets me thinks ;) You're in Swindonia? That place makes me dizzy!
  8. Would be up for Glouc too :)
  9. Yeah i'm up for Nuneaton hun :)
  10. Get on with it i'm well in! :D :D
  11. :notworthy::notworthy::salute:
  12. I'm over the road and saw a Rado going on the ramp. Anybody that's on here? :)
  13. Ah Chuggs that's my FAV! Some guy walked past my house when I was tinkering the other week and said. Ooh that Scirocco will be lovely when you're done... Smiled and muttered expletives under my breath ha
  14. Hey ya'll If you're an accountant and would like to help a little junior finance assistant please let me know :) Thanks x
  15. Mine comes out 1st also. Not sure they offer dates throughout the month though
  16. Can start a DD any time. Mine is monthly DD. Monthly rate for mine is...£20.12 :)
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