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  1. Thanks for your reply Paul. Carrying out any repairs isnt to much of an issue as i'm in motortrade,but then again i dont want to be buying something thats going to give me loads of headaches........ I shall have a look at RS246 forum Jason
  2. The galant that i've got a the moment is a 2.5 24v V6 twin turbo (260 bhp) has very smooth power delivery so maybe it will just be the same... I just need something with some real grunt. Missus is fancying something like an M3 (E36 Version though) prefer Evo version if i could find a decent original one.....
  3. As above really i used to own a very nice Corrado VR6 until i sold it a year or so ago :( Now driving a Mitsubishi galant VR4 (26O Bhp) until i find something else........ Been looking at the 2.5 twin turbo S4's but just wondering how reliable they are and also do they feel alot quicker than the VR's. Any help appreciated Jason
  4. Are you talking about any garage in particular? :wink: It will go in on the lefthandside pit if you want to bring it up sometime unless youve allready done it. Jason
  5. If wheel bearings are okay, check tyres for uneven wear as this also can sound like a knackered wheelbearing.
  6. If you want to know if it's the heater matrix taste the water if it's sweet (that will be the antifreeze you can taste) you know it's leaking. By the way Has it got aircon?
  7. Mine used to leak exactly the same (swiming pools) it turned out to be the membranes on the INSIDE of the door panels. Take the interior door panels off and monitor it for a while. It was dead obvious on mine. The membranes are designed to keep water out.Usually they get cut or damaged when work is being done on the inside of the door.
  8. They've got cibie stamped on the glass.
  9. I've just bought a golf with a quad headlamp conversion on it but the inner main beam units on both sides are knackered.(the reflectors are very corroded inside) and it makes it look untidy. Is it possible to buy replacements? Any help would be appreciated Jason
  10. I'm in sheffield and might be able to help PM me with his details and i'll see if i can help. Jason
  11. If they are the ones that i'm thinking of, i priced some up at the steelers and they were about £90 + VAT each !!!!! Yes they are still available
  12. Undo front and rear engine mounts and jack engine up. Dead easy then. I've done a few of these and found that the cross bolt through the wisbone seizes in then you do have problems so Beware.
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