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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone know what the 2 screws at the front of the sunroof motor look like? Anyone have a pic of them? trying to find them in my box of bits and literally have no clue as don't have the car anymore & ETKA is no help :( Cheers Steve
  2. Getting better fella Thanks, Slowly, but getting there Ha! It came off better than i did, sadly its all the plastics that have copped it....expensive :( Cheers Though
  3. Sorry to everyone who sent PM's, they are all now replied too. Had an "Off" on my motorbike & used a road sign as an airbag....it hurt somewhat :(
  4. Thats from a 9A 16v (2.0) Mine was a 1.8 16V (KR) so they didn't have them. Sorry
  5. Hi, No mine had 256mm as it was a 16V, I upgraded these to 305mm Brembo's from an Ibiza Cupra R
  6. Again, Apologies for late reply, not been on here for a while :( Yes I have them, drivers side has a scratch in it, passenger side is fine.
  7. Mmm Bit late Replying :-/ Yes I have the clips & Cover! Got some G60 Driveshafts from the conversion, thats all really, and a MAP sensor I think.
  8. Green VR in Kirk Ella, Hull on Saturday.. Reg was M(I Think)* VRG Anyone?
  9. I think 130K summat, dunno if they have a Vaccum on the back, they are digital Odometer ones if that helps. Thanks
  10. Dash Blanks £15 posted, the Loom went with the car, plus it was probably melted :(
  11. Probs easier to tell me what you need! Roughly: Dash Clocks G60 Drive Shafts A, B, C Pillars Interior Plastics Switches & Dash blanks etc Front Crossmember/subframe Seatbelts Parcel Shelf with speakers Space saver sparewheel Boot carpet
  12. Hi All, Have this great little polo for sale, Ideal 1st car or great little commuter. Detail are: 2003, 53 Plate, 106K Miles, MOT Till Sept, currently Taxed, 4 x New Vrederstein Tyres, Recent Fluids Service, full Service history stamps upto 93K miles. Recent;y had new CV Boot & ball joints. It's Gloss Black, Alloys and the interior is immaculate, paint work is for for its age, with just a small scuff on the rear bumper and usual stone chips etc. It has an MP3 Bluetooth Double DIN stereo fitted along with some good speakers. Cheap to Tax, Insure and does 40-50mpg if driven carefully, doesn't need anything! I'll let the pics do the talking as its a little cracker! Car is in Shildon, North East England, But currently can be viewed at my work in Darlington too £795 ono Reply here, PM or Call Zero7530 91825Zero Cheers
  13. Blue VR6 Corrado L100 A** being tortured around Reg Vardy's Roundabout in Darlington on Sunday night..... Could hear the induction roar from my car with the windows up :) Anyone on here?
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