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  1. Okay will pop down to VW on monday in that case, Thanks for the reply.
  2. Looking for some rear bleed nipples for my vr6 rear calipers ASAP! Will buy the whole rear offside caliper if needs be. As close to north yorkshire as possible as needed within the next couple of days so will need to collect.
  3. I have sent you a PM about a couple of bits.
  4. Looking for the plastic trim that goes along the top of the door card as you can see mine is a little broken! Hopefully looking to get one before vw festival or if anyone has one they can bring along on the sunday?
  5. As stated in the title. No rust and asleast damage as possible. Can collect within yorkshire if possible or not too far out.
  6. Tobz_mw

    Vr6 Coolant hoses

    In need of the top radiator hose (from radiator to block),rear top hose(from block to heater core&throttle body) and the small crankcase breather(from block to intake pipe). As close to yorkshire as possible or can post for a reasonable price.
  7. Tobz_mw

    Vr6 rear springs

    Looking for a pair of rear springs for my 1993 vr6. Based in north yorkshire so the closer the better.
  8. Yeah it is an unusual one! I have had a look at the connection on the lambda and it seems okay. Must say I have scanned it today and it's coming up with fault code 00281-vehicle speed sensor (G63) which wasn't there before so I am assuming that has just failed recently but hopefully that's a step in the right direction :)
  9. Hi mate yeah sorry let me PM you
  10. Well just a quick update guys! Cars still not running as it should and just seems to have a mind of its own and doing what it pleases. I have checked the vacuum pipes and had all the intake pipes off and they seem okay? So I'm just going to keep the car and just buy bits as and when and hopefully have it sorted :) must say even though I'm not having much luck with it lately I'm looking forward to getting it sorted through the warmer months and hopefully get out and enjoy the car!
  11. No cant say I have checked the inlet manifold if I'm honest. Yeah splutters if you just sit there and Rev it but even worse when it's actually under load?
  12. Well guys still no luck :( bought a new ISV and a new dizzy and still the problem is there. Had a good look round the engine for any split wires and cant see any for looking and checked some of the connectors and they all seemed to be fine. Although the idle problem has settled its still has a slight misfiring and again the still the problem when i accelerate and nothing happens and then all of sudden just shoots off. just run out of ideas now :(
  13. Where to start! They all seem to be intermitent faults so When i first start the car sometime it will run for about 10 seconds then turn off But then thats not all the time. Also when im driving it seems to have a constant misfire and seems very juddery and very hesistant and sometimes backfires when i get up to about 3500rpm. Then the worst of it is when i went out in today i took it round the block, no problems just a little bit splutery but nothing bad. got home turned car off for a few minutes then tried to drive to the shop and it just started kangarooing and the throttle wasnt responding, for instance i had my foot the floor in second and it wasnt accelerating just spluttering like it was about to die and then would just shoot forward for a second then die back down, then i lifted my foot off and then back on and it would be fine for a few seconds and then start running like crap again. Hope that makes sense, messaging peacedub aswell and hopefully he can help but any advice welcome :)
  14. Tobz_mw

    2.0 16v TPS

    Its okay i did wonder at first why he had just posted random pics of a car haha! Was no need for the way he spoke to you guys though!
  15. Tobz_mw

    2.0 16v TPS

    If we could all stop having a keyboard fight on my thread that would be superb as my phones going crazy with notifications! Thank you kind people! :)
  16. No didnt manage to get it sorted, infact thats one of my least problems with the car, its got really bad running issues to the point i cant even do a small journey for a bag of sugar :( So looks like the car might have to be sold as a project as i just simply dont have the time or the funds to buy parts that might fix it Or even get it to a garage for them to have a look at it. I have done a few tests with the multimeter on the metering head and they seem fine. so just dont really know where to go now as the MOT runs out in april its just got no chance of getting straight through. Just thinking its half best to accept my loses before i end up just spending too much on the car :( Unless there is anyone who is local to me that is good with 2.0 16v 9A engine that might be able to come and even diagnose the problem for a not so garage expensive fee?
  17. Hi everyone looking for a set of alloys for the corrado as really not liking the current ones that are on! Needing some 4x100 Either some 15" sebrings or bbs RZ not fussed on the tyres for these as would be swapping mine over anyway or either some 16" alloys with decent tyres on! So just wondering what people have! Also looking for one of the early style 7 slat grills! One on ebay at £35 but would be nice to buy one off a fellow forum member! Please just feel free to post up pics and prices of any of the related bits for sale! :thumbleft:
  18. It's all good now andy! Left the car at home today with step dad and by bank card and just said do what you can so he went spent a while tinkering with it. Went and bought me a service kit for the car and got a new rotor arm aswell. So he fitted it all for me and was saying something about the rotor arm being off angle or something along them lines didnt really understand him to be truthful haha! which I thought was strange considering I drove home from you being a 120mile drive and it was spot on? But all sorted now anyway no more spluttering and idleing fine so happy days!! Decided on some all weather bulbs instead of the usual white/xenons sort of bulb and must say they look great! There like a rich gold colour! Hard to tell but here are some pics anyway!
  19. Haha yeah that's true andy! I did have a check of the lambda sensor but looked fine but might just change it incase that is the issue and also another thing ruled out. I did have a quick look at peacedub's thread but will give it a better look over as to solving the issue as I say it's driving just rather it be spot on and running like its ment to :)
  20. So we live less than a mile from each other and yet i have seen your car haha!! anyhow on the better side of things i managed to get the corrado out today and take it for a good blast Up into the countryside to the local reservoir so that i could give the car a good run out and see if that would help with the running. Got a couple of pics and must say its going to be some work keeping a white car clean. Excuse the sidelight being out. Must say although the car is out and running and seems to have settled it does run very spluterry and was hesitant at points. So going to try for a full service and go from there But assuming its probably going to something more. But all be it the car handles the road superbly in the corners even on the wet yorkshire roads! although to get the most from the car you really have to work gears! Also after the running problem has been solved i have been given a price off my bodywork guy to make the car less shades of white so all is on the up hopefully and get the car to a few shows and meets later this year! **touching lots of wood**
  21. Right so we finished having a fall out and made up this morning so I had a spare bit of time before work and was determined to get it solved and get the car out! Turns out it was just a fuse that had gone which my step dads old eyes must of missed so lights are back working now! So my next day off is Thursday so going to change the oil and filter and hopefully get the car out and take it for a good drive out for the day and just see if that will maybe help the running issues! Thanks for the offer I live down tesco in Starbeck. Hopefully all is well for now but if help is needed again at some point your help would be appreciated! :)
  22. Small update. Changed the 16v badge out to a red one as looks better then tatty old one This will probably be one of the last before it gets chopped in half to be a trailer and keep the front end as barbecue. More problems yet! Went to insure the car the other day and luckily before I did checked the car over and the headlights aren't working. Turns out the uprated headlight loom had been wired in wrong. But then when my dad step dad pulled the loom out tested the connections to the headlights turns out there is only 9v to the full beam and 0v to the dipped beam and then with the loom fitted still no dipped beam and no clock lights working in the car!. So at this point the car might aswell be useless seems as though I can't drive in the dark and am back working 6 day weeks so no time to even try fix things. So going to try find a vw specialist who I can drive to in daylight and see what's wrong with it get prices and decide if the car is actually worth keeping.
  23. Hi mate in the past i have just used a big flat head screwdriver and a hammer to adjust the height of coilovers. As you can just knock the bottom adjuster Round to the height you want. But if your going to do it that way i would make sure there not sezied at all as it might cause you problems. Be alot easier with a C spanner just thinking of a last resort or how stuck you are :)
  24. Tobz_mw

    2.0 16v TPS

    Hi guys tried using the search thread and couldn't find anything! I have a 2.0 16v 9A and its just started to idle really iratically. Revs jumping up and down on idle and jumping right up to 3000rpm and then dropping back down to 900rpm all on idle. i got the car scanned In on a diagnostics and it can back with fault 00516 (closed throttle idle position switch). Set about looking for throttle position sensor and couldn't find it? Assumed it would be on the throttle body? So just wondering if anybody knew if and where the Throttle position sensor Is or if there is one as read on another vw site something about a micro switch? And also how to Rectify the fault code or idle issue.
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