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  1. Haha thank you for the comments mate, and yesss I mean I domt think anyone every gets to stop working on there corrado 😂😂 and well theres a couple good 'how to' thread on here and vortex, just make sure you get a proper non abs master cylinder with the 4 take offs, otherwise theres no failsafe if a piston fails. Brake lines are 100% doable mate its actually pretty satisfying 😂 I used kunifer copper/nickel
  2. Yess! Definitely it's always good to meet up with local owners, theres a bloke over Northampton way called Jimmy, hes trying to build a network of corrado owners in the midlands hes got it up to some pretty big numbers tbh, friendly guy too, always organizing meets and convoys to car shows ✊
  3. Haha who isnt a tea fan when your working on cars 😉😂 ahh okay, Silverstone is about half an hour from my unit I'm just down the road from stealth racing, which has been a huge help 😂
  4. Hahaha I'd be happy to help mate, I mean as long as there plenty of tea supplied 😉😂 where abouts are you?
  5. Haha I wouldn't call it the ultimate restoration, theres alot better restorers out there than me, I just want to learn and make it look how I want it 😂 but that's awsome if its inspiring you, you got much planned with yours mate? And yess I've deleted the whole abs system so all the wiring and everything, took a while to source the right servo and master cylinder but it was worth it, and yeah deleted the power steering system too so just looped the steering rack for now and got a shorter aux belt (it has to be narrower too) and hahaha I wish I worked for McLaren 😂 I got it from the British super bike team I mechanic in, called FS3 Kawasaki, I've managed to grab a few bits that were laying around, that's where the carbon cover came from too 🙈
  6. Thanks Mate, just need to keep going and finish it off now :dance:
  7. Haha that's what I'm worried about :lol: I'll never want to get it dirty :bonk:
  8. Thanks Fla, it took a lot longer than expected, but then again it is a corrado :bonk:
  9. Not that i would say I'm any kind of expert with any of this at all, but if anyone needs some advice about the stuff I've done or wants a hand I'm very happy to help and give my knowledge of how i did everything. the corrado community have helped me massively, everyone has been so happy to help me, so it'd be nice to give back a bit :thumbleft:
  10. so these are the last pictures I've got, to date, i managed to get some proper gold wrap from the race team i work for to wrap the manifold and i'll wrap the intake elbow my brother made ( i just don't want to cover up those welds also some more pictures of the nice shiny paintwork and the interior all finished. i have to say the 02J shifter conversion is amazing! battery relocated into the boot and just needs a sealed battery in there and battery box. and then the latest pictures of the engine bay pretty much just needs fuel lines and it can be started. i managed to grab some bits of carbon from work too and make a couple covers with them :D which i think finishes of the engine bay nicely.
  11. now for the most expensive part :thumbleft: wossner high comp 3.0L pistons and PEC h Beam rods a big Valve kit from america with high flow valves and titanium retainers and HD valve Springs, then all port and polished and everything balanced, fluid ampr pulley and a Helix Clutch. alot of help from vince at stealth with sourcing bearings and shells and bolts for me :cheers: and then the engine had literally just been fitted in the engine bay when i took the last picture
  12. and then this is the engine bay being built up ready for the engine, i bought some copper/nickel brake pipe and the tools and made all the brake lines myself, its actually very satisfying. and the re-wrapping all the wiring harness with Tesa loom tape and shortening and lengthening bits to route it where i want it to go. and then i recovered the headlining and sunroof with faux suede so its all black, managed to source a black sunroof controls and Porsche black sunvisor clips but i just painted the sunvisors, then the interior could start to fitted starting with the dash.
  13. After a lot of messing around i think I've figured it out, so here's some pictures :dance: this is the shell prep and then just after we took the masking off
  14. and thank you, its taken a lot of hard work and so sooo many hours but iv'e learnt a lot along the process doing as much of it myself as possible, just cant wait for the first drive:cool:
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