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  1. Hi guys, the replacement lenses from me and VX are heat treated. I originally developed plastic lenses, but the new lenses are much better. MfG Chris
  2. New price: 70€ with shipping to UK included.
  3. Hi, I offer two sets of fog lights. Once French optics with yellow reflectors. Once normal optics. The reflectors are specially re-coated. The glasses are brand new non-OEM. Both pairs cost 390 € + shipping. For 100 € additionally, a set of used turn signals can be purchased. The turn signals are used and have minor damage. [/img] [/img] MfG Chris
  4. Hi, I am looking for a few sets of yellow caps for the head lights. MfG Chris
  5. New price: 80€ with shipping to UK included.
  6. First only LHD. But i am sure there will be a RHD version.
  7. There is another company already working on new lenses for late style Corrados. I think they will be ready within the next 12 months.
  8. The replacement holders are in the moment only for myself. Maybe I will offer them for sale later. First, I have to repair my own housing. But I can offer repaired housings.
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