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  1. Yeah, just saw the episode on netflix, (S2EP6). Almost choked on my beer. Really like the series and then a Corrado shows up from nowhere :) Is the owner a member here?
  2. nelik

    ABS upgrade

    pewpew shots fired.. I removed the Teves02 and installed Teves20 in my VR6 some years ago. Teves02 is not reliable, as I did a semi hard break to not hit a deer the oil pump cracked. Did not see this until the morning after and the whole driveway was full of oil. Never got it to work properly after that even with a new pump installed at VAG. The Teves20 is a 4-way system and not 3 with a breaking force regulator that tend to lock up, Teves20 is better in my opinion. Only problem I had while installing was to get the ABS light to work as the only electrical scheme I could find was in russian.. The B4 Passat ABS light electronics fits the oem housing but the MK3 does not. The break booster from Passat fits straight on, and you need the mounting plate to go with it. If you go with the MK3 booster you need to cut and weld or modify it in some way as it has a ball in the end. And you need to change the rear ABS sensors as the OEM is to slow, think I got mine from a Polo. Aaand you need another clutch master cylinder, oem wont fit as it's to long. The master clutch cylinder needs to be mounted on the mounting plate before the break booster! I learned this the hard way.. If you go this route try find a whole kit for sale on German ebay or something, from a B4 Passat.
  3. Maybe one of these will suit your needs. ebay radiator ebay radiator 2
  4. My aunts husband told me over dinner how he loved the looks of the Corrado when I explained I bought one, best comment I got. This is the same guy that made the design of the first Koenigsegg, yeah chocker. It was suppose to be a Kit Car but Koenigsegg bought the project and did some redesigns. Mostly people don't even know what a Corrado is over here. 172 left in the kingdom of Sweden if car.info is right.
  5. To my knowlage there is two different cables. All G60 and early Corrado models, my guess is before facelift, have shorter cables 1604mm. And later Corrados have 1613mm. I think there is a misstype in etka, would not be the first time. 1H0609721A short 1H0609721E long Google the OEM part numbers and you'll see the lengths. And you can adjust the cable a few mm at the caliper where the spring sits if needed but be careful it's easy to brake it and it could snap off. Would go for calipers from Golf MK4 instead as the original seems to lock up sometimes.
  6. nelik

    VDO gague face

    Hi i'm looking for the spoonfed tuning gague face in green, (sold out at their site), or a OEM gauge face if someone have a cracked/broken housing and could sell me some parts.
  7. nelik

    Heater blower

    Great! Keep fight Corrado problems, one at a time :)
  8. nelik


    Ok, just wanted to say that I bought the Yellow Speed Racing DPS coilovers and they look very promising. Hopefully I will have time to install them in the near future.. The Corrado season has not yet started here tho :)
  9. nelik

    Heater blower

    Did you get this sorted? I got this mixed up. I referred to the round late style controller. As you mentioned 4 fan speeds I thought you had the new style and not the old sliders. But now I learned that there is both 3 and 4 fan speed sliders from VW. And i meant the whole controller unit, it's possible to rebuild the new one round style at least.
  10. nelik

    Heater blower

    I went that route first. But it did not help, and I bought the resistor on eBay. It ain't to hard to remove and change the controller. The hard part is to find a controller in good condition with no broken plastic for the wire clips. And it need to match the old one.
  11. nelik

    Heater blower

    Maby a faulty resistor or the electric connector on the fancontroller is cracked. Had to change mine when it stopped working on the 3rd speed setting. Someone had broken the plastic. I manage to rebuild a new unit from a seat controller from the same era. It's like lego. :)
  12. This explains so much. Sourced an oem gamma cassette player for mine and it acted really strange after I installed it. All cabling was cut and spliced to bits by some old owner.. I need to go over the cables again. :bonk:
  13. nelik


    I'm thinking of getting a BC coilover or similar setup for my VR6. The BC coilover is adjustable in hight without altering the dampening and is in the midrange price vice. I also consider the Yellow Speed coilovers but I don't know anyone who actually runs them on their rado. Got some 17 inch bbs that hopefully will be ready for this summer and they need some coils. But stay away from the low priced coils like JOM. They are utterly ****e...
  14. I manage to get hold of the first emblem he sold and yes he makes them himself. Its really good quality and it sits flush on the front. As mentioned he also made one in silver. The only downside is that the colour is a sticker but overall its a really nice item. Here is a link to his instagram with pictures. https://www.instagram.com/renewart_lleida/
  15. I'm up for a VR6 badge in silver! :)
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