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  1. Hey guys, Toying with he idea of getting more power from our 9a. I'm taking the engine out as it is anyway, as I've got to do a load of gasket changes and wiring repairs - and as I've got the space and the tools it'll make my life a lot easier if I just take it out. I looked into the idea of getting a few more horses from the 9a lump with the ABF manifolds, a 4 branch, etc etc, but I'm wondering if I'll just be better off putting an ABF in its place. Has anyone done this, and if so, did you see any real terms gains? We live in Cornwall, so it's pretty hilly down here - it's torque I'm after not top end power. I've searched through various threads on this and haven't really found much in the way of feedback post conversion, hence this thread. Please help :)
  2. Cheers! Yeah, as in the advert all four are 8x16 with 194/40/16 tyres. Could take wider though in my experience. We had no scrubbing problems on our Corrado.
  3. Porsche D90 Alloy Wheels 8x16" with nearly new tyres and adaptors Porsche D90 alloy wheels for sale, including nearly new tyres and 4x100 - 5x130 adaptors and locking wheel nuts. Great used condition. Collection preferred but will ship - I'll accept cash on delivery for collections but PayPal only for shipping. Please contact for details - PM bluefox1111 on the forum or text ZERO SEVEN NINE FOUR FOUR FOUR SEVEN FIVE SIX ZERO THREE. Details here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-928-944-969-D90-Alloy-Wheels-nearly-new-tyres-not-BBS-VW-Golf-Oz-/161737082705? List Date: 6/17/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Porsche D90 Alloy Wheels 8x16" with nearly new tyres and adaptors -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?350.00 -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Porsche D90 Alloy Wheels 8x16" with nearly new tyres and adaptors Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. I like Evans too, to be honest, although I think he's better on the radio. I do agree with Top Gear being put out to pasture though, it's been more about dicking about than it has been about cars for years.
  5. ...that's how. They're technically not legal if you don't show your documents. Think you'd need a pretty anal MOT tester to check for not only the BS standard mark but also the maker's name and post code, and fail you if they couldn't find it, mind.
  6. How much for that, Hairyarse? Assuming the OP doesn't want it...
  7. Hey guys, Getting to grips with this whole Corrado thing so bear with me :) Wondering what the craic is with this thing, #22 here in ETKA: ...and here it is on the lead I took off the engine earlier: As you can see, my replacement lead is without it and research seems to suggest the OE leads come in three pieces (resistive end for the plug, boot for the coil and a length of lead) - thus making it easy to replace the sensor. My question is, what do you guys do for ignition leads? I'm not really prepared to pay over £30 for one lead, and that's from TPS... Would appreciate any help/tips/etc :)
  8. Thanks man, and yeah me too. We're currently arguing about wheels as I kind of want these on my Mk2... Makes dinner more interesting I suppose :lol:
  9. Cheers :) Reckon it'll be me that posts most of the time but I'm sure she'll weigh in when I get it wrong :lol:
  10. I've got full HEX-CAN VCDS and a 16-pin OBD interface, in Cornwall, if that helps anyone.
  11. Good taste... ha! Yeah, that's relative I suppose! My Mk2 is a proper money pit. I swore blind I'd never buy someone else's project again, but hey. It's mine now as I've redone 99.5% of it, so I guess that helps. Anyway, a project thread will be born soon as the lil 'rado needs a lot of TLC on the oily bits, so watch this space.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. Yep, she does now, thanks to your amazing husband...
  13. Hey guys, Thought I'd post a quick hello. Here's the wife's new daily drive, a '93 16v in Dark Burgundy Pearl. Stolen from the for sale ad: On the drive home (Cornwall to Derby and back again in a day!) with the Supervan, the mother's car: ...and at home next to my own money pit: So, hello from two VW-old but Corrado new, Corrado owners :)
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