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  1. Its got peoples choice of over 360 cars in the show and got 2nd in the corrado class.
  2. My corrado was in the mag covered in mud from the ND show here in the states. Anyone see it?
  3. Hey guys, thought I would post up a few teaser pictures and teaser video of whats to come! Let me know what you guys think! Video: Click Here to watch the video Teaser (5.01mb) Pictures: Video by Josh Maurer - Photos by Sean Walton More to come guys. http://www.ammedia.ws
  4. Oh, it will be slammed. I want to do 18-19inch Axis SuperMesh wheels with the centers painted black with the polished 3-4 inch lip. Front Mount intercooler, turbo upgrade, chip to match, DVD Navigation system, and more bike cariers. =] This car is going to be a total sleeper. =]
  5. Hey guys, it has been a while. I sold both of my Corrados and bought a Audi Avant 1.8T Quattro. I decided it was time to move to something a little more reliable/practical. Now I can lug around bikes and riders for mountain biking trips. Anyways, I am going to modding this bad boy more when I can afford it but for now it has Sparco pedals, short shift kit, steel braded lines, and a couple other little things. Here it is on the California coast:
  6. I am at 90% on my foot again. Man its been a while since I was here last. =] I have been busy with work and life and just havent visited the forums in a while. More videos are to come - we have a nice MK1 cabrio video in my mix as well as 2 MK4 GTI's. One of them is going to be shot in HD (I am super excited about that one).
  7. I was going through http://www.big-boys.com and I found this video with a Corrado in the background. http://www.big-boys.com/articles/baddude.html Check it out.
  8. Thanks guys... Yeah it’s going to be a minimum of 6-8 weeks of being in a cast thing for my leg and lots of physical therapy. As for the car everyone seemed to like it a lot. I hope it will make it into Eurotunner Magazine or Performance VW Magazine because they had photographers at the show. It sucks, I didn’t even get to drive my car there (I had my roommate who has a Corrado drive it). But yeah, I am excited that it did so well this time around.
  9. Hey guys, I thought I would post up here since I havent in a while...I had a pretty major injury on my ankle mountain biking last week so I have been in and out of the doctors all week etc. Here are the pictures: And the money shot: There was a car show yesterday and I entered my corrado. I ended up getting 2nd in the Corrado class and also getting People Choice out of over 250 other cars in the show!!! Check out the pictures! Hope you guys like it... =]
  10. Installed the european spec parcel trays that replace the stupid US spec knee bars. I have so much more leg room now. I am stoked.
  11. Just in case you guys didnt know, they replace the knee bars in our crappy US cars...ahhh soo much more leg room. If only these came stock. =] Check them out!
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