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  1. Hi Mike, Had the same trouble with the lads A4 last year at MOT time. Cat had been replaced 3 years ago and had just scraped through emmisions before, but last year it gave very similar results to yours. After a lot of work and several visits to the MOT station it turned out to be the CAT that was fitted by a garage that my lad had taken his car to. I had changed and checked everything and in despiration got a TYPE approved CAT which cured the problem. When I took the "old" one off I spotted the problem straight away. The cat fitted was a two sensor one with one of the sensor holes blanked off with a bolt. The correct one has one sensor and costs more to buy. Thinking about it the 2 sensor type has less material in the cat to get the emmissions down, relying in the ECU to alter the mixture on a faster cycle. Pre and post cat sensors cause the ECU to cycle the mixture far faster than the single type hence the high CO readings. Got rid of the A4 after it broke a drive shaft at the pinion. Replaced it with a Corrado VR6--more fun!!
  2. Hi all, thanks for the reply re the alarm. I was under the impression that to qualify fir Cat 1 status the alarm had to immobilise at least 2 circuits to stop it bieng nicked. I put one in a few years ago in a Corrado for my other lad and If I remember correctly I had to get a receipt from a garage to "say" that they had fitted it.The insurance company was then happy.The same thing happened when I put electric (Corsa) power steering in wife`s scirocco--insurance company was a bit iffy when I told them that I had fitted it. But as I am self employed and been fixing cars for some 40 years they accepted it and insured the car without any increase in premium. Gerry
  3. Hi all, Had my first major battle with the VR6--that hatefull heater matrix! Matrix let go and covered driver with steam and hot water on feet on dual carriageway in Northampton. After drying out carpets etc and getting another core, grabbed bull by hornes and took the car apart. We had to cut the bottom heater mounting bolt off as it was siezed solid which was a pain.The covering material on flaps in heater box had fallen apart so that was sorted out while the unit was out. Got the unit back in and filled up with no leaks but the bowden cables controlling the flaps were kinked and needed attention. The heater and fan unit CAN be taken out without removing the dash but allow yourself plenty of time,lots of Tea/Fags/Beer etc and take your time to find the screws that VW hide and you will get the unit out and in without breaking any plastic. A large amount of patience is needed to avoid any damage. Next major job is the alarm system--looks as though its had another unit patched into it and the wiring is a mess--going to put a CAT 1 Thatcham alarm/immobiliser in the car--any recomendations?. I fitted one into the other lads corrado some years ago after the original unit was u/s. Looking for a sunny day to swap out the sunroof--thats an easy job on the corrado--done 2 before.Just made up new guides for one of our MK2 sciroccos and got that working perfectly both tilt and slide. It`s a good job I like working on VWs as I have my hands full at the moment. Best Wishes Gerry
  4. Thankyou all for the warm welcome, I`ve now had time to have a good look at the car,fixed a couple of small issues with the lights and have compiled a list of work to do. Source some foglight glass--only ones available seem to be the early bosch ones--I read that BMW E30 ones can be modded to fit?. Replace the noisey serphantine belt tensioner bearing--easy fix Rear exhaust outlet pipe rotten--get the mig welder out! Is it normal for the shield on rear disks to be so much larger than the disk its meant to protect--looks silly.The disk and callipers look OEM.Generally the brakes need to be improved--not a patch on my MK4 Golf wagon. Headlight relay mod and possibly uprated bulbs--running 100/80s + mod on the sciroccos properly set up give good lights without blinding anyone. Then there is the sunroof to sort out--looks as though I will be busy in my workshop again with the Dremel and files. The A4 is going after breaking the output shaft flange off--caused by the inboard CV joint seizing.It left stub shaft in the box and had to make an extractor to get it out. Found correct one in local scrappy but had to take 3 apart before finding correct one--got really good at pulling then out in the end--practice makes perfect. My son is currently hunting for some new alloys (selling the A4 will pay for wheels and tyres) Will keep you posted By the way if anyone wants some ally bits made for their sunroof I will post design on forum after I have played with this one and would gladly help anyone out Best Wishes Gerry
  5. Hi all, Many thanks for the warm welcome. We picked up the car last night in my old home city of Birmingham and apart from a flashing ABS light and a little hesitant throttle response had a nice cruise back to Buckingham.The usual problems with the tilt and slide roof are evident--similar to the Sciroccos one( made up new slides out of alluminium -sorted)I`ve had other rocco owners after me to make them some slides. The Corrado is in fairly good condition for a 94 model--needs some tlc to sort out some issues like the fog lamp glass is cracked,sunroof,alloys are non standard and look awfull but what do you expect for a 20 yr old car. It has a full service history and hasn`t been messed about with, so I think it has the makings of a good classic car with a little fettling (by me!)It`s a 94 2.9 on an L plate and it is that very nice and very dark purple colour which really suits the car with about 150 on the clock. Best Wishes Gerry
  6. Hi All, I have joined this forum not as an owner, but as my son has just bought a 2.9VR6 it will be down to me to look after it.Currently I have 2 MK2 Sciroccos,Golf MK4SE Estate mapped to 180BHP and look after the other lads Seat Leon 1.6 and Audi A4 Estate.Our house looks like a VAG carpark and must and does upset my neighbours at times (especialy when I get the my universal extractor out--4 pound lump hammer ) I am a member of other Vw forums catering for the above models and find the communities a great source of help and info and I hope I can help other members out when ever possible My best wishes to all for the future Gerry
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