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  1. Thought that as well. SFA else though.
  2. Not a problem buddy. :) Gav, always have the boot lock horizontal. But boot not opening with the key either!!!!! :evil:
  3. Glad it's not just me!!! :lol: :lol: FAO bcstudent: re: the R1 delivery on 1st March. I am so jealous! Wrote one of these of last August & insurance is forcing me to Suzuki SV650S this year. Enjoy, ya lucky fecker, & be careful with the right hand. :twisted: Roll on next year! 8)
  4. Gavin, I dont have remote locking, just the old fashioned 'key in the lock' thang! The central locking works fine for the doors & I can hear it coming from the boot although it doesn't release. Already tried "atif's" method to no avail! Although will try again. Will go for the contortionist way & take the cover off. Thanks guys, MUCH appreciated. :)
  5. Got a 1994 VR6. Boot lock has seized & will not open. Thought it was just frozen after washing it but thats been two weeks now!!! Not exactly easy to get at the lock from within the boot. Anyone had this problem? Ideas/remedies???????? Thanks in advance folks. :(
  6. Cupra all the way, (although not red IMO). Save yersel the hassle with the Lotus & the (Rover) K-Series head gasket trouble. I had 3 headgasket failures in 3 years. Thankfully manufacturers warranty was worth its wait in gold! K-Series engine is made of butter me thinks. Melts in the heat!
  7. Defo not the Alfa, cheap Italian crap IMO. Would have to go for the Civic, but the Seat IS tempting, just a pity they don't do a 3-door option.
  8. quikstu


    Anything beats the Scottish climate craigowl! :wink:
  9. http://www.law-family.org.uk/anti-theftdevice.wmv
  10. Why do insurance companies give discounts for being members of forums? No disrespect AT ALL to anyone but I can't see the advantages to your insurer!!!
  11. Dead on all speeds! Anyone know which fuse it is? The car is a 1994 VR6.
  12. Heater fan just stopped out the blue earlier today, had to drive about with the sunroof open to stop the windows steamin up! Anyone else had this problem? What was it? The fan, switch, motor or something else? Noticed in another thread that its £65 for a new motor!!!! :evil:
  13. You can get arrested for that! :twisted:
  14. Very nice car. Welcome to the forum, it's worth it's weight in pixels!
  15. Looks like one of the friendly cons at the local jail washing yer C for ya! :wink:
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