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  1. As I'm on the lookout for a good VR6 I was wondering if anyone had seen the grey one on the Volkswizard website? It looks/sounds interesting but am not sure on the bodywork as it has a few rust spots. Does anyone have an idea of cost to sort a few rust patches or would it need a complete respray, how much do these cost nowadays? Link below. Thanks in advance, Rob. http://www.volkswizard.co.uk/
  2. No pics unfortunately. At TSR I think it made 212/217 at one point but cant remember which.I did have a Schrick cam fitted at one point but it didnt really feel that much different. I always wanted to open up the front numberplate recess to allow more air to the intercooler but didnt want to ruin the looks. Ive lost touch with the mods available these days but would love another one, probably fairly standard though. Cheers mate, Rob.
  3. Great news! Please post some pics, I'm really pleased it's ended up in an enthusiasts hands. Any idea of the power output nowadays? Cheers, Rob.
  4. Just popped in for the first time in a few years and wondered if anyone knew what happened to my old G60? It was bought by Leew, then Jim & then ended up on eBay I think. Might have some spare cash soon so you never know, I might be back, some of the original members might remember me? I like the look of the red, F plate press car, would suit what I want nowadays. Cheers guys, Rob. Galaxy TDi owner (for now)
  5. Try Hoopers Motorsport in Bristol. That's where I got my steering wheel from when I had my G60. Friendly people, they should help you out if they can. Hope this helps.
  6. When I fitted mine I bonded it to the back of the old Fischer tape holder that was in the cubby hole when I bought the car. Your probably right about making a better one yourself though, mabye a nice stainless panel? Good luck, Rob.
  7. I might be wrong but it looks like a LHD gauge pod to me.................
  8. If you go to TSR see Graham if he still works there, he used to do all the work on my car. Grant Motorsport is also worth a call for a VR but not so hot on G60's, very cheap labour rates though. Hope this helps, Rob.
  9. Its sounding better all the time, ive always liked that colour. My girlfriends going back there now to take some photos with her digi camera so I can get a good idea of what its like before i take a trip to see it. Its probably not the best car to buy as were expecting a baby in March but once bitten the bug never goes far!
  10. I haven't seen it yet, my girlfriend just spotted it somewhere and phoned me. The garage has it up for £3500 but will let her have it for £3000 for a cash sale. It is dark blue (LC5U?) and has had 3 owners. I can get an HPI free anyway so that will not be a problem and they will hold the car untill I can get to see it as she (my girlfriend) knows them. Does anyone know if that is the correct paint code and what colour it is? Cheers, Rob.
  11. Just looking for some opinions/advice guys, I used to use this forum a lot when I had my G60 and even now after over a year i check it out every day. I have just been offered a totaly standard K reg VR6 with 89k for £3000. It has a full VW history and is in very good condition. The car will also be mot'd & serviced again before sale. Is this a good price? I am a little bit 'out of the loop' regarding Corrados these days. Any comments grately appreciated. Cheers, Rob.
  12. i dont blame you Jim, they're quality wheels. I wonder if that website owes me any royalties for my picture :?:
  13. Back to the top so I can get notified of replies as I am very interested
  14. Is the group buy still going ahead? My girlfriend has the original Road Angel & it is a good bit of kit. I have been looking to change from my radar detector (bel 550) to a gps based system for a while now. I was thinking of a Micro Roadpilot or an Origin B2 but this price is too good to miss. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Indicated 145 It felt like there was plenty more to go too Fastest against another car was overtaking a 2.2 Prelude at 140 who gave a good account untill then but did the decent thing and pulled over for me
  16. Cheers Jim, Hows the car going nowadays?
  17. I've just had conformation of my promotion at work which comes with a company vehicle so the Audi will soon be on it's way to make room for another Corrado! I've had a modified G60 in the past but fancy a standard, or subtly modded VR6. I am just seeing if there is anything out there for sale at the moment or if anyone knows of anything? Cheers guys, Rob.
  18. It's not a massive job and well worth doing. In adittion to grinding away some of the IC casting you will need to make 2 small brackets to hold it in place behind the rad. I got my Golf G60 intercooler & and all the pipework from a seller in Germany delivered for a bargain £300!
  19. I think you made the right choice, G88's are the dogs. They work really well with Pagid fast road pads too, just stay away from Mintex pads with them.
  20. I don't know if you are all aware but Tim Styles no longer owns TSR, he sold it about a year ago. I've never had any problems and have always been happy with the staff and all the work I have had done there in the past. Surely they can't be as bad as some of you are making out as I recently tried to book my Audi in for a service and they were fully booked for over a month, doesn't sound like a crap place to me.
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