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  1. That would be lovely thank you.

    [email protected]

  2. Hello , I’m interested in the storm. Have you any photos of close up parts that you say are minor defects , chips rust etc ?


  3. That's great , how many silver ones do you have ? I could do with two. Regards lance my phone number is 07542640585 if you want to drop a text.

  4. Hello , do you still have the vr6 front badges for sale ? Regards

  5. Hello , I may well be interested In your corrado. Could I have more photos of the car please ? My address is [email protected] . Regards lance

  6. Hello , interested in the corrado , have you got a number I could text you on ? 07542640585 , lance

  7. Hello , could I view the corrado today ? Regards

  8. Hello there , what price would you be looking at for the car with the vsr manifold off, alloy wheels off ( I can bring a set of wheels )? Many thanks lance

  9. Hello there , I am looking for about £650 for the plate. Thanks

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