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  1. Hi Tim , Welcome to the scene! Some very clever guys on the forum. If in doubt give em a shout! Craig.
  2. craigg9700

    Decat wanted

    Thanks Lobitos - decat arrived.
  3. Haha - lesson learned! Don't forget to put your oil dip stick back before shutting the hud! Sliced through the pipe like a knife in butter.
  4. Yeah ive just not had chance to put it on classifieds.

  5. Hi Lee


    Do you still have the decat for sale by any chance?

  6. Hi - are you still selling the decat?

  7. craigg9700

    Decat wanted

    Anybody have a decat for sale? Struggling to find one. Searched all sites but only able to find golf vr6. Research tells me a golf decat will be too short.
  8. Cheers Guys for the feedback. Had another play. Just ran the car up to temperature, oil temp displayed on the dash, switched it off, removed the wire attached to the lower sensor, started car again, still Oil temperature readings on the dash. Not sure what this sensor is for at the minute. A yellow wire was on this one. I've since managed to remove this from the Tee piece ( Pics below ) [ATTACH=CONFIG]81961[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81962[/ATTACH] Given i was still seeing oil temp readings it leads me to think the top sensor, red wire is temp reading on oil.
  9. Spent my Sunday fault finding on my Project Corrado today. I've been searching for a an Oil leak under the car. I believe I have found it, but I haven't go a clue what the part is! Any idea what this is? I am referring to the brass/gold coloured piece with red wire attached to the tip. Leak seems to be coming from the bottom of this, and Oil only seems to appear when the car is running. [ATTACH=CONFIG]81960[/ATTACH] Any feedback / pointers would be much appreciated! Cheers.
  10. Hi David, Thanks for sharing some info. If i was to remove the top Infeed pipe, am i right in thinking this part unscrews from the Pump? When i hook a spanner onto this ( as is now) it feels as if there is some slight play in it. Is this normal? or should the valve be bolt tight into the pump? Cheers
  11. Hi Gregor, It's been stood in the garage since 2013. No MOT, leaking oil & leaky power steering pump. Car runs, but not perfect. Needs some attention and effort to put right. Body work isn't bad, few scares here and there, but overall seems promising! The Journey begins!
  12. Hi all, Wondering if anybody may be able to offer some advice/tips. I currently have a leak on the power steering Pump near to where the infeed pipe attaches. After cleaning grit and oil from the pump with a rag, I managed to pin point the exact location where fluid is leaking out. On the pics below, my finger tip points to the area where Fluid leaks when the pump is running and pressured. [ATTACH=CONFIG]81954[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]81955[/ATTACH] any ideas why this could be leaking?
  13. Cheers Harrier - Car arrived on a Truck, so plenty to do! [ATTACH=CONFIG]81953[/ATTACH]
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