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  1. Corrado VR6 ABV For sale £2799 on a 93 plate, fully restored and ready for summer. As a mechanic I have put a lot of time and money in to bringing her back to former glory but baby forces my hand to sell. Its on Gumtree now ring me for more details 07955636507 Noel
  2. Hi guys can anyone sort me out with a decent o/s/f fog light for a reasonable price? Many thanks Noel
  3. Was it something I said??? Do you not want to sell it now or has it gone to a higher bidder :/
  4. Drivers seat height adjuster, will you take£7 :)
  5. Hi mate price individually for the passenger door handle, electric mirror switch, passenger and driver seal that clips on to the out side of the door and pushes against the window. Driver side booster handle on bottom right of the seat. N/S/R plastic cover over the seat belt pivot point. Interior heater controls. That's all I think cheers
  6. Hi pal can you get bk to me on this fog as I need to go Derby for something else so would be good to pick up in one trip heres my number 07955636507 thanks Noel

  7. Hi mate you still want to sell me this fog light? If so when shall I collect? Can get to derby around 8ish pm any time this week if you want to post me your address and postcode

  8. Hi can anyone recommend the best place to get a new set of HT leads for a 93yr VR6 avb ran off a coil pack? Also anyone know how much power a standard coil gives out on one of these corrados? Doesn't seen much point in getting top end leads if the coil wont supply enough juice to maximies them. That said I don't want cheap **** ones. Anyone in the know out there to help me out. Seen a okish looking blue set for about £60 on eBay 8mm anybody tryed these on there's?
  9. Hahaaar that's why I can't find a home for them mine must of diched them somewhere along the line in the heat of the battle and dicided to go bear back lol. Thank you Dox your a scollor and a gent! I owe you a pint cheers pal
  10. OK thanks Dox think I will whack an m.o.t on her tomorrow and give it a good few runs see how she behaves. Can anyone shed a bit of light on that servo pipe I mentioned :)
  11. Hi fendervg so after building her back up I discovered it was sucking air from the main servo pipe that starts in the brake servo and Finish's at the front of the manifold. For the life of me I can't see where the two little pipe in the middle of this big one go. Are they supposed to be blocked off or actually have a home somewhere and I'm missing a couple of little pipes? Sorry for sounding like a complete amateur by the way :/
  12. Hi Jim as I say its the first time iv worked on one of these engines and the engine centre said they had to take quite a lot off the head to get it flat again, also the block was pretty mancky too, So it had gone. Was just expecting less pressure in that top hose. I'm talking it goes like a rock but you think this is how they run?
  13. Got my first corrado a month ago and its been a baptism of fire. Its the VR6 AVB engine 2.865 anyway iv not really ran it far apart from 50 mile to get it from where I bought it and there was a considerable amount of pressure in the cooling pipes and came to the conclusion that the head gasket had gone so decided to strip it. Had the head pressure tested and skimmed new bolts and head gasket done and i finished today but still the same issue. Anyone got any ideas where I might of gone wrong. It blows hot and cold air fine and its not blowing water out of the expansion tank until i release the cap slightly. Do these engines run with a high water pressure though the system by any chance??? Any ideas greatly appreciated
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