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  1. Lovely looking motor! What mileage is it on? And how much did you pay? Sorry to pry but I'm looking for one myself and want to know roughly how much I'd be looking at for a decent example!
  2. I live in Northampton. I'm leaning more towards the VR6 only because I have a fear of getting a bad G60 and the supercharger blowing and costing £££! When are the Corrado meets and I'm guessing they are situated all around the UK.
  3. Hello all, :wave: I am not new to the VW scene, having owned Dubs since I was 17 (now 25) I have endured many hours behind the wheel of Mk2 & Mk4 Golfs, Polos, Boras and also a Corrado. I owned mine for around a year, and it was the 2.0 16V engine. I absolutely loved it but got rid when the engine packed up and couldnt afford the repairs :pale: Im looking for a bigger engined Rado with abit more grunt, being older and having lower insurance bills!! Now the big question is, What is the best engine to go for? A G60 or VR6? I look forward to being an active member of this forum and hope to meet some nice people. These are a couple photos of my old baby. [ATTACH=CONFIG]82493[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]82494[/ATTACH]
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