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  1. Hi all, as advertised, looking for late standard grill and badge, preferably silver, in good condition with tabs in tact. I know these are available brand new on VW Heritage but thought I’d see if anyone has one going first. Cheers.
  2. I bounce around from social media to Forums, I noticed that post on CCGB about things getting quieter. The market itself seems quieter and spares seem harder to come by which I guess is natural given the age now. I sold my Blackberry last year but currently trying to source another VR6 circa 5k, I've a potential one to view in next few weeks from a member on here but keen to keep my options open and find the best I can. I'll be hoping to keep it for some time and the knowledge on here is invaluable.
  3. They look tidy! I had the one piece BBS RX2 on my Blackberry and Moonlight Blue before that, loved them. Still awaiting my next VR6 coming up for sale at the mo. :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]95731[/ATTACH]
  4. Sounds about right! I should probably wait until I have another corrado before I look at wheels but prior planning and all that :). The fifteen52 tarmacs look similarish but 17" again, I prefer the look/ride on 16" though. Just trying to find alternatives to keep a similar look to standard speedline 5 spokes. [ATTACH=CONFIG]95729[/ATTACH]
  5. matteusVR6

    Speedline 16"

    Are these still attainable anywhere?
  6. matteusVR6


    6 months without my BlackBerry and tentatively on the look out for another VR6. Not many around at the moment, prefer blue, aqua/moonlight/midnight. Leather if poss and as close to original as poss. . . I can dream 😊. Message me if you’re thinking of selling this year! Cheers.
  7. Hi Aaron, keen to hear a bit more about your G60 if still available? I’ve had 2 VR6s but never a G60. Could you send me some WhatsApp pics to 07961959999? Is there any rust?





  8. Could someone let me know if the pictures have attached properly? I posted them from work and can’t seem to view on my phone? Having issues with Tapatalk too, what’s cloudflare? 😬
  9. NOW SOLD PLEASE LOCK After careful consideration I've decided to drop the asking price from £6000 to £5000 (no offers). The car is in great condition and I'm only dropping the price due to concerns over the insurance classification. Any inspection welcome, I'm happy to keep her if she doesn't go at this price. The car is rust free and all electrics work. After 5 (mostly) blissful years of ownership, the recent arrival of another tiny person and new house purchase mean I no longer have the time or love to give to my Corrado. This is my second corrado and 5th VR6 and easily my favourite of them all. I purchased this Corrado from the MD at Heaton Park Coachworks in Newcastle following restoration and full glass and seal out respray. The car was brought in with light panel damage following a collision with a bollard due to a failed handbrake. I was never worried about the classification as the condition and driveability of the car were so good and the workmanship of the coachworks excellent. I guess that should be expected as it was the MD's personal car. After doing a bit of research I've discovered it was classified as a Cat C in 2010 and whilst I appreciate there is a stigma involved with this I beleive it is still an excellent example and deserves my asking price below . . .I do however appreciate that the history will put a lot of buyers off and will therefore be open to reasonable offers. I really believe it needs to be seen and driven to be appreciated fully. The car was completely standard when I purchased it and I've only carried out minor modifications which I feel enhance the car but they can easily be reverted to original spec. KW V1 Coilovers Milltek Classic cat-back SS exhaust Lupo GTI Wiper conversion BMC CDA intake JVC Bluetooth head unit Magnecor leads (blue) Re-trim of steering wheel, hand-brake handle, gear-knob and gaiter Corrado embroidered mats Recently refurb'd BBS RX 16" currently fitted (car will come on refurb'd speedlines and nearly new Kumho ecsta sports all round). I'm sure there is more but that's off the top of my head. The car has covered 99400 miles. There will be several extra and spare parts supplied including the following. Sprinters under bonnet sound proofing kit Uprated headlight wiring loom (forum member) Thermostat Spare grille Second hand door aperture seals Original airbox OE HT Leads Again, there's probably a few other bits. There hasn't been any head work carried out to my knowledge, I enquired about a top end rebuild last service for peace of mind but was advised against it as the engine runs, sounds and pulls well with no signs of loose chain tensioners etc. I've tried to add a load of photo's below so hopefully they've worked out. The price I've put on the car on Car and Classic is now:- £5000 As mentioned prior, I believe the condition of this car warrants the price. Please message me for more info or specific/further pictures. Regards, Matt
  10. Now also on eBay, will accept £250 delivered or its getting wrapped up [emoji4]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Found the invoice. It was ordered in July, fitted in August. Pics attached. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Open to sensible offers, will post some photos this week 😊
  13. Thanks buddy! Hope you like yours when you get it on! Be interested to hear your set-up and what you think of it! :thumbleft:
  14. Typical 😂 I honestly couldn’t say. Potentially felt a wee bit more responsive but I’m like driving Miss Daisy these days anyway. I do actually like the sound but I just prefer it with standard cat as I’ve a BMC CDA fitted too.
  15. Hi, I recently bought and fitted the Milltek Classic Hi-Flow Sports Cat to match my classic cat-back system. Although I've received plenty of complements about the exhaust note, it's a bit loud for my liking alongside my un-resonated system. I've decided to refit the original cat this Friday so my sports cat will be up for grabs. This Cat was purchased from Awesome GTI late last summer and been fitted for less than 1000 miles. More info on links below. http://www.milltekclassic.com/vw.corrado.cfm https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/milltek/milltek-sports-cat-volkswagen-corrado-vr6/ Looking for £300 delivered or local pickup from Dunbar, East Lothian. NOW SOLD
  16. OK, thanks, probably no good for me if chopped. Will have a think then, don't want it to be too loud either as I already have the unresonated cat-back!
  17. Hi Jim, How did you find the sound difference with the sports cat? Did it seem any more responsive? Tempting! I've got the Milltek Classic cat back fitted . . . .it says the sports cat must be fitted with this exhaust which is maybe why it seemed a little short?
  18. How many people have fitted these? Is there a big difference in sound? I've had a set in the shed for over a year but worried it'll muffle the growl too much? Although I do have a CDA fitted which should help overcome it to some extent :)
  19. matteusVR6

    49% off in Feb

    Cheers DOX, rear brake overhaul in the diary! Just need to pick up some rear dustshields from heritage!
  20. I'll take it if not cracked? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Haha, Hi Elliott. Unfortunately not. I keep going through peaks and troughs with it. Just had the steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake handle re-trimmed, replaced front discs and pads, painted calipers all round and it's now getting a full detail and ceramic coating so will be hanging onto it for now :)


    Do you already own one or are you a previous owner? Seems to have been a few tidy ones for sale recently. Shame the dealers are making harder driving the prices a bit

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