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  1. If I remember correctly it was purple or maroon. Not sure as looked at a at a few ads. The car had pics of the underside showing a nice shiny exahaust~!
  2. Thanks for that. Although the mileage is good it just looks like a bit of a projected car. I want something which is sorted
  3. So does anybody know where this car has gone from the for sale section? The thread doesn't appear to exist anymore? I would be looking for a very clean car with some quality mods..
  4. Hi guys, I've been into VWs for a few years now and owned a few - 3 mk2 golf gtis, mk4 golfs, passats, mk4 golf r32 but never a Corrado! I am in search of a very good vr6 car. Must have low mileage - under 100k, have the right service history and must be in top condition. Now last night, before I became a member I saw one for sale on this forum but now the post seems to have disappeared. It was a low mileage car - sub 80K I think and had pics of the underneath etc and it was advertised at quite a hefty price £7-£9k region with/without RS wheels. Can somebody tell me whos car this is please? It is a thing of beauty. What can I expect to pay for a top example with low mileage? Prices seem to be a bit spread - I see cars at £2k and then cars nearing the £10k mark. Do the corrados that are advertised for such high prices actually sell?
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