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  1. Hi Andy,


    I am certainly not a mechanic! So I'll need assistance to remove the engine and box! This shouldn't be a problem as I have a few mates who are in the trade... But I will have to give them some financial reward for devoting their family time to me! they'll be able to do the compression test too...

    I'll also research the delivery part...


    Let you know early next week hopefully, cheers



  2. Hi Andy,


    Yep it's still there. Radiator and fans gone now so I've given up on getting it running!


    If you want to come and remove it you can take it for £150.





  3. Hi Andy,


    The price maybe negotiable, depends on how much interest I get, how long it's sitting around for and whether I get the clocks to get the damn thing running!


    Let you know how it goes...





  4. I'm in Rushden, Northants.

    It does have a genuine 50k on it. I'll have a look over the weekend for some written evidence.

    It runs sweet as a nut, however! I've sold the clocks and apparently the immobiliser is wired through them! So I've got to acquire some more clocks to prove this to any potential buyer!



  5. I'm after £250 for the engine and gearbox if you come and remove it and £350 + haulage if I do it.

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