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  1. Sorry Gareth, yes got the 2 of you a bit confused to be honest!
  2. Good condition. Has a few signs of wear, namely on the drivers seat (from getting in and out) and a small nick (approx 1cm) on the top of the drivers doorcard. I'm after £350 for the lot. In Rushden, Northants, NN10 Pictures: http://s1098.photobucket.com/user/afooter/library/
  3. Interior available, PM me your email and I'll send over some pics? cheers
  4. Hi Sean, it's still available, will check the pins tonight and PM you... cheers
  5. I still have both, but I'm trying to keep it as a rolling chassis for as long as possible and the engine/gearbox is still in position currently! Guess you're in a rush and can't wait, hopefully be within the month...
  6. Hi there, I still have the wings, they're by no means rotten but can't say there's no sign of rust...
  7. Hi mate, I've got somebody interested in the engine and gearbox at the minute. Let you know if that falls through... cheers
  8. Hi Chris, They're uprated and lowered (apparently - had to phone a friend!). Make me an offer and I can look into haulage if required... Cheers, Ashley
  9. Hi Andy,


    I am certainly not a mechanic! So I'll need assistance to remove the engine and box! This shouldn't be a problem as I have a few mates who are in the trade... But I will have to give them some financial reward for devoting their family time to me! they'll be able to do the compression test too...

    I'll also research the delivery part...


    Let you know early next week hopefully, cheers



  10. It is, how's £25 sound? Will be weekend after next before I can get to it though!
  11. Hi there, Yep still got full interior, am after £500 for the lot. Have front grill with vw badge which you can have for £20 as it has a clip missing (fits securely still)? Cheers
  12. Hi Andy,


    Yep it's still there. Radiator and fans gone now so I've given up on getting it running!


    If you want to come and remove it you can take it for £150.





  13. Yes, will check condition and send you some pics. Can you PM me your email address? Thanks
  14. Think so, rad gone but pretty sure that's still there. Let you know for sure tonight...
  15. Hi there, yep both available and in good order, lighter has been used but not heavily.
  16. Hi Chris, The roof rail trims are gone unfortunately. Can sell you the whole seatbelt mechanism for £25? Cheers, Ashley
  17. I've already arranged to sell that to someone through the forum I'm afraid. If that falls through I'll let you know. Thanks
  18. Hi Andy,


    The price maybe negotiable, depends on how much interest I get, how long it's sitting around for and whether I get the clocks to get the damn thing running!


    Let you know how it goes...





  19. I'm in Rushden, Northants. They're in very good condition for 20 year old interior. Normal signs of wear on drivers seat where you get in daily. I'll email you pics if you message me your email address?
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