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  1. Sourced a 110k 9A engine for £150 - yay, now for the rebuild !!
  2. Looking at the price of the TT 225bhp models on Ebay, I am tempted to take that route - and put the leather interior in the Golf and sell the rest for spares which may make the project cost neutral if i'm lucky.
  3. Hi All, I have a 1993 2.0 16v and at 185k - it's starting to give up the ghost. It's over pressuring, loosing oil from the sump and is generally - knackered, I bought it reasonably cheaply - 1400 quid, whilst my Mk1 is finished at the garage / body shop - I have spent about £500 on it due to previous neglect, but.....The car itself is in pretty good nick and has a leather interior so I'm of a mind to save it - particularly with less than 100 thousand Corrado's ever produced. So, with all that in mind, my options are; 1. The engine is rebuilt (a bit tricky as I need the car off the road as short a time as possible) 2. I get a repalcement 9a engine and get it reconditioned and fitted ( I have found one, second hand for £900 so including the rebuild, still not massive BHP and pretty expensive IMO) 3. I convert to a modern powerful engine - But what engine? - I would really appreciate opinions on this, I'm don't want to spend stupid amounts as my Mk1 golf is a VR6 so I don't need huge power, 200 would be good though
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