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  1. That's great Thanks so much Do you know if all those parts are available? Heretage mabe?
  2. Cheers It was actually seeing if vr6 ones would fit a g60, but maybe the trick of the later caps would work on my g60 too? My cars a '91
  3. I'm looking to up grade the fronts on the g60 to bilstein b8's, but whilst looking it seems there are different kits for different cars, though with some coilovers companies, there doesn't seem to be this distinction? Just want to make sure I don't buy the wrong Ines.... I've been offered a set of bilsteins marked for a vr6 or 16v , so wondered if it would be a waste of time getting them for my g60 Cheers guys
  4. hi guys whats the procedure for removing the dash in a corrado? I'm actually looking to take out the fresh air and fan system from behind the dash, but figure you need to get the dash out first? it all looks fairly straightforward , up to the nuts (any idea about size?) that are right up by the windscreen, how do you get them out with the screen still in place?! any hints or shortcuts would be greatly appreciated cheers
  5. Hi yes indeed, did that... and trying to turn it you gouldsee the spoiler trying to lift, but it just isn't shifting!
  6. hi my rear spoiler doesn't raise up, off the switch I have a new mechanism to fit, but cant get the old one out, as even the manual cog that turns on the back of the mech is stiff and does not move the spoiler up, so I can't get to the screws under the spoiler, to be able to take it all off and change it has this happened to anyone here? or does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Hey Resurrecting an old thread...... But I have a corrado that's solid but very tired, but looking at the vin I think it's an old one!! I know it's an '89, as it says so on the v5, but the last 6 numbers are kk 014478- still has the paper sticker next to it as well!
  8. I'll have a better look tomorrow... but I don't remember seeing recaro on them so maybe they aren't.. and the latches for pushing the seat foreward look different on mine too
  9. Hi, without wanting to hijack the thread!! How do recaro leather seats differ to 'normal' leather seats? Is it just the side bolsters are bigger? Would recaro be marked anywhere on the west? I ask as I have a set of seats from a vr6 that look just like these!
  10. Cheers mate I think I've worked it out, I think the '91 is sn early car so the other seats will fit fine, it's just the leathers I got given with the car are from a vr, so must be the later type ... so it's s good job I have the other set!! What threw me a bit is the g60 has clearly had s later bonnet fitter as the centre sits above the rest of the bonnet not below , like in the early cars... I've tried to sort it by working from the vin, but the only plate I can see is the behind the airbox... which seems to have a 16 digit number starting 509a1a1?!
  11. Hi, I have an immaculate leather interior from an '89 16v, and want it to go in to an h reg '91 (g60), I thought it'd be fine as the floor on both looks the same, but the seats from the later car have a plastic trim round the bottom and the outer ( door side) runner on the seats is a tab rather than a rail, which the older seat has? I should add that the later car came with its seats not fitted... so there is scope for the ones I described with the plastic trim to be for a later car, I've not tried fitting them as the cars in storage Cheers
  12. Excellent, all done! Cheers for that. Are you in the Uk? How long should I expect to wait for them to be delivered? It's not a problem, just need to advise people as they are being delivered to my work place. Thanks again
  13. Great! Can I take them please, do they come with the end caps as a set?
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