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  1. Hi its still for sale and im pretty sure it will fit but the motor is different I do have a spare motor for late spec car
  2. Grey some scratches not mint will need a new spray when you say seals are you talking about the one that goes around the outside ??
  3. Fully working sunroof for sale west midlands birmingham any one in need call 07761385568
  4. Hi there I have a fully working sunroof with 2 late style motors any one in need call 07761385568
  5. Hi new to all this but so far its been a real treat to find useful stuff and some really helpful guys on here anyway I have a fully working sunroof anyone need one call me 07761385568
  6. Hi there I have a similar problem with my g60 revs sticking at 1400 or so checked and replaced vacume hoses problem only seems to happen when on a cold start any suggestions thanks
  7. Hi there guys when you guys swapped to the mk3 sunroof what motor do you use dose the corrado one work with the mk3 or do you have to go with the mk3 motor as well any feedback would be great thanks
  8. 1991 j plate g60 gun metal grey up for sale in Birmingham no silly offers motd starts drives fine afew mods black retrimed roof lienin chrome rocker cover recent upgraded ht lesds new shocks list gose on message me if you are interested

  9. Hi i have a g60 corrado that im doin some work to and im having trouble with the interior lights not working well just the reading light the smaller one that is also the light in the sun visor any body that can help i have checked the fuse and changed the bulb ???

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