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  1. Hi guys I've got a fuel problem — garage thinks is possibly with the metering unit — fuel pump working fine and feeding to the unit ok, but nothing coming out of it — any idea if a metering unit can be sourced, if it proves to be the problem? Any advice appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hello all, Does anyone have a fuse box diagram for the 2.0 16v 9A model? All I can find is the VR6. Cheers.
  3. Cheers for the reply. Pretty sure now the part number I need for the 4-pin fuel guage sender unit is '191 919 051 ba' — can't find any of these anywhere online... Anyone got one lying around?!...
  4. Hi guys, My fuel gauge has recently died, it gave some bouncy readings for a while but has now completely gone — I'm looking for a replacement part which I think is the float-sender-thingy that sits in the tank — anyone know where I can get one? Part number I think is 191-919-051/G (3 pin) or 191-919-051/ba (4 pin) — any advice or help on this greatly appreciated. I've got an M reg 2.0 16v. Thanks.
  5. Cheers Dox, I think you're right. Immobilisor, spoiler, sunroof and glove box bulb use it. The latter had blown and was the culprit. All's now well, thanks.
  6. Hi guys I've recently had a problem of my car cutting out immediately after it being started. This happened the same day as my spoiler and sunroof stopped working. On closer inspection I found that one of my fuses had blown (it was a 15amp one, blue, 16th in from the left in pic). On replacing it the car started fine and I was on my merry way. Although, once home I've got the same issue and I can see that this same fuse has blown. My questions are: • Does anyone know what this fuse is for and what may have caused it to blow? • Does anyone have a fuse diagram for the 2.0 16v so that I can inspect it? • Is the spoiler/sunroof issue linked with the car cutting out and this fuse being blown? • Can anyone educate me as to what the relays do vs fuses? Thanks so much in advance!
  7. Cheers — helpful. Loosening that top bolt and then rotating the large hex on the left hand side does enable the toothed wheel to turn but only in a stationary position, it won't actually slide up or down the toothed arm. Loosening the bolt beneath it, that I also marked with an arrow in the pic, doesn't help either. There's another bolt under this one which again holds the alternator on but I don't know if its just these two that do. The belts aren't old and can't be twisted more than 90 degrees so I don't think they need replacing. In any case, the car's going in to the garage next week for another job so perhaps I'll leave this seemingly simple one to someone who actually knows what they're doing... just, the thought of driving around quietly in the meantime would have been nice!
  8. Cheers — I've probably misunderstood, but I loosened lock nut on the toothed bracket and what I thought was the bolt on the alternator bracket — despite the toothed wheel now being able to turn, I couldn't get it to actually move either forwards or backwards, I'm obviously doing something wrong...
  9. Hi guys Can anyone give me any pointers on how to tighten/loosen my aux belt on my 2.0 16v? Squealing has got worse recently and especially bad now under heavy load (lights/fan etc). Does this mean it's too loose or tight? There seems to be some sort of toothed bracket where it can be adjusted back and forth. Advice appreciated!
  10. Hi guys A long shot but I'm looking for a fuel pump housing/casing for my '95 2.0 16v (9A). I believe this is the Kjet system. Please get in touch if anyone has one in a decent, non-leaking condition! Many thanks Leon
  11. Thanks, do you know which particular 3M tape? There seems to be a few with different references that could do the job (4611, 5952, 4910 etc). Trims aren't new so I'll ensure surfaces and trims are clean etc. Cheers!
  12. Hi guys, can anyone suggest the best tape to use to fix exterior door mouldings to my car? Thanks
  13. Thanks —*no kids in the car but I do use the cigarette light to charge my phone. I disconnected the lighter but the fuse still shorts, presume this means that the lighter isn't at fault? At the time of the fuse going I was restarting the car quite a few times during journeys for a period as I had a running problem which meant it stalled at lights, junction etc, this has now been fixed with a clean of the idle valve, leaving me to wonder whether it might be the ignition switch failing due to all the restarts I was doing, as fendervg suggested. That's a worrying comment about the wiring! I use the car daily and it doesn't sit for more than a day or two without being used. I presume it's safe!
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