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  1. Long shot but are there any CCFC season ticket holders on here that may be able to get a couple of tickets for the Checkatrade final for me? Am happy paying a little more for the hassle if possible. Thanks
  2. Unfortunately not corrado related as I am still waiting to get back into the game and get another but I have a quick question relating to tyre size. I can get a set of brand new front tyres for my car for free but the profile is 225/40R18 instead of 45R18 which is on the rear. Would this cause any issues having different profiles on front & back? Its on a Citroen DS4 if that makes a difference Thanks
  3. Oh mate its great to know its still in good shape! Do you manage to get it over to the US without any issues?


    Would love to see some recent pictures...


    Thanks for the update

  4. Hey man just a quick update if you're still wondering about your Corrado. It is safely in the United States and I get the most incredible looks driving it around. Oh you might have forgotten to tell me that the deep dish wheels don't fit on the car without spacers. Other than that the Corrado seems to be in good shape and I plan to keep it for a long while.

  5. FYI It had a uprated "plug and play" loom fitted in January mate from here http://www.rayneautomotive.co.uk/ so wouldn't have thought it would be that. How is it getting on anyway?
  6. Yep went for what I was asking. I wouldn't let it go for less. Sold it to a chap from the US air force so it will eventually end up in the States. If I do get another C it'l have to be a VR so you never know
  7. Well that's it from me. Corrado drove away with its new owner tonight, he saw it on piston heads so thanks for the advise. Il miss not logging on here most nights but maybe il own another one soon.
  8. Thanks I have advertised it on Pistonheads now. Please someone buy it on here!
  9. Its on edition 38 and I have just put it on ebay. Cant justify spending £38 putting it on autotrader. Its a great car and defo not willing to let it go for under £1500
  10. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=89549 Do you think I have priced this about right. Havn't had a hugh amount of interet and I really dont want to break it. Thanks
  11. FK AK Street Coilovers 16v Brand New - I Was intending on fitting them to my car but the car is now for sale. Suitable for all valvers Cost ?195 new ?160 collected List Date: 1/2/2015 Location: Coventry, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: FK AK Street Coilovers 16v -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?160.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: FK AK Street Coilovers 16v Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  12. 1990 Green 1.8 16V I have owned this car for over 10 years now and it is time for me to move on. I am posting the for sale add first and if it is not sold in a couple of weeks I will break it for parts. For the last 6 years it has been used as a second car or not used at all so it was mainly parked in garage or sorn **Good Bits** 114,000 miles 6 Months MOT Good paintwork for age Stainless steel exhaust Full Black Leather 16" Borbet T Alloys loads of tread (6 in total 4x7.5" & 2x9") MOMO Millenium EVO steering wheel with Corrado silhouette badge Lupo wiper upgrade Headline loom upgrade New discs + Pads all round 6 months ago (350 miles) InPro fogs and Indicators Colour coded front grill, headlight surrounds and number plate plinth (repainted 2 months ago) Brake lines replaced 2 years ago New blower motor fitted 2 months ago Original rear lights tinted red Spoiler operates as should Sunroof operates as should Oil and filter change last month **Bad bits** Lowered about 40mm and suspension pretty hard Temperature gauge doesn't work Blower direction control windscreen only(early style) Rear tyres rub on arch's if driven over pot hole I Jet washed car today to take pics and a couple of drops of water came through sunroof area (first time this has ever happened) There is an Immobiliser fitted but apparently it was bypassed by VW before I bought it as there was a staring issue **Ugly bits** Slight bolster wear on drivers seat (not bad though see pic) Sunroof headlining needs replacing 5" paint lacquer below passenger handle Slight lacquer peel on bonnet Couple of parking dents (very minor) This would be an ideal car if someone gave it a little bit of attention as all bad bits are minor and pretty easy fix's - I think I am under selling it! I'm not really open to offers as I will get more than the asking price if I brake it for parts which I really really don't want to do but as noted above I will if I have to. Thanks List Date: 1/1/2015 Location: Coventry, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: 1990 Green 1.8 16V -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?1,500.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: 1990 Green 1.8 16V Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  13. I will most probably be breaking my car for parts after xmas. I have a set of Inpro fogs & indicators on it. il let you know as soon as I do
  14. FYI - Iv got them fitted on my early valver. hope this helps
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