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  1. Anyone know is a VR will fit in a MK2 Caddy? Thanks in advance
  2. Would be nice to know more about the TDI, i'm looking into this at the moment for a Caddy, would you or you good friend have any advice on this? Thanks
  3. Hi All I have come back to the C forum for some advice as i know from previous experience how knowledgeable people are on here. I currently have a VW Caddy (1999) SDI (i think the S stands for SLOW)and i am thinking of swapping the engine out. I have joined other forums and asked the question but i don't really get the help i was hoping. I have heard that other VW's & SEAT's can be used as a doner car and everything can be "easily" swapped over, including gearbox, clutch and ECU. Does anyone have any experience with these or have any idea? It's a really nice example for it's age and it's not even done 100k but its slow, and i mean slow and the clutch is on it way out. I didn't know to keep it and do the swap or sell and possibly get an upgrade to the newer model. Thanks for looking
  4. I have previously owned 2 Corrado's both 1.8 16V, which i had a lot of fun in and used to be a member on here. Due to circumstances i now have a van, 1999 Caddy SDI (slug). Im looking into possibly getting a Corrado again as i have space to store one or possibly converting the Caddy into a beast. Anyway the main reason i came back is because i miss the Corrado so much and the forum was great for knowledge.
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