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  1. This sold on Saturday at auction for £10k
  2. It's a shame it's changing hands so much, just to boost people's profits.
  3. I'm looking for a storm in green that's why I said about the one on fast classics,it seems they paid £17000 for it.
  4. I totally agree with whot you said.im just looking for a car with that spec so if any come up for sale could you let me know.Thanks to all the other replies. Cheers Trevor.
  5. Thanks Sean for reply typical dealers,looks a great car and genuine to.Would you say 16000 is top money.
  6. Whot sort of money should be paid for a corrado storm,green with 46000 miles.This car was owned before by Chris Gaskill who sadly passed on.Ive read the comments on forum and he sounded a real nice man.The garage are looking for £22000 is the way over top book and is it worth this sort of money. Thanks Trevor.
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