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  1. Thanks Elliott already having happy corradoing but want another ..:bonk:
  2. Thanks ,interior the only good thing going for it but a great price ,I have put a deposited on one that just so happens to be local so all good .thanks .
  3. Looks good but it's got to be the green meanie for me .good luck
  4. Yes seen the private seller one ,I just want a lower miles one and the dealer ones are 13k
  5. Sorry my confusion ,I thought this thread had ended . Not asking you for yours
  6. Thanks for the offer but I'm used to the lorry engine now so a vr only
  7. Tonyt123


    I might be after another vr6 if anyone has a minter they want to sell let me know ,obviously a storm would be good but a turbo or super charger may be the way for me .
  8. I'm after a really clean storm as I now have the bug to get something really special and sell mine .if you want to sell yours and think it's a winner pm me and I can see if my wife will let me buy another one .
  9. I have my mother in law to sell :thumbleft:
  10. Tonyt123

    Sunroof motor

    Thanks ian ,will be in touch .
  11. Tonyt123

    Sunroof motor

    Working sunroof motor please ,
  12. Ok thanks will look in to it
  13. Ok is there a difference ?
  14. Got some 15 mms if you want £15 delivered brand new
  15. Like most shows the car park was better
  16. To be honest not great ,one rado on show (rusty madmax j reg?).some nice mk1/2 golfs and endless t5s which are good to see as there getting different by the year .im glad I didn't camp walked round it in under an hour .some cool American gangster bumpers though!
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