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  1. Can anyone find one for a reasonable price? I cannot find one here in the States. :sleeping: Best I can do is 94usd + 50usd to ship to the US. :gag: Its for this: Thanks
  2. In my opinion...no other wheel suits the Corrado better than the 301. http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z14/ ... G_0641.jpg
  3. Is anybody familiar with them? Is there a way to tell if a set is genuine? Such as serial number, marks, stampings of any kind. Thanks :wave: -Lee
  4. I had a G60 temporarily on the rear for a while...didn't look any different to me. :shrug:
  5. Just got this, It uses a strange Atiwe 3 bolt hub adapter...that I don't have yet. :gag:
  6. RS VR6

    93+ Radios

    Are they hard to find in the UK? I'm looking for one that is made by Panasonic and has a CD player.
  7. This lets the ECU re-adapt. Anytime I replace a sensor(coolant, O2, MAF, etc)...I'll clear the ECU.
  8. Thats going to put your car up fairly high to avoid any kind of contact. Your going to need to do some work on your fenders. Its going to look strange unless the car is low.
  9. RS VR6

    rieger lip

    Not my car...but I do recall seeing one in person. Its a nice looking piece, only if you do the complete kit.
  10. Awesome is who Neuspeed lists as their UK dealer. You can always call for a quote. I imagine it may be quite high with the shipping and taxes. Another shot of the exhaust. I would post the image...but that means I have to shrink down every picture from my album. :? http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z14/ ... G_0491.jpg
  11. I forgot about this thread. :lol: You can try Awesome GTI. They distribute Abt parts in the UK. I'm not sure if Abt is still making the Mk3 stuff. Heres a more recent pic. :turn-l:
  12. The best deal I've seen is 235usd from GPR in the States. http://www.gprparts.com/brands/gprOilCoolerKit/
  13. I have the clears on the headlight and yellow on the fogs. http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z14/ ... olight.jpg
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