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  1. Thanks for the Part Numbers, very useful! I'm still trying to work out which ones to use, i now have the 2 pressure switches fitted into the oil filter housing. I now need to find a suitable temp sensor, i need one that takes a single spade connector as per the other 2... the part number you mentioned shows a sensor with a different type of fitting and i believe is to go on the head? To clarify this has only become an issue because i am building a cleaned bay 16v abf on Jenvey ITB's and i build it up from a bare block without the old one for reference ( big mistake lol ) also i have a bespoke wiring loom to add to the mix. Part of the build includes ensuring the loom doesn't have to travel all over the bay so im trying to keep sensors close to each other (within reason). Also coming back to this build after are few years has not helped lol.... The help and knowledge on here has proved super useful. Much appreciated
  2. Hi mate, thanks for this ... i ended up ordering one of those from a different listing! Much appreciated
  3. Wow, I forgot how responsive you guys are on this forum, I always get some good advice quickly on here! Keyo, im replacing the ones on the oil cooler housing , the beru looks good , do you have a link for the correct ones for the front of the block? FenderVg, I did have a quick look on parts cat but when trying to order there are lots of variations now , I will try again, thanks for the link.
  4. Gents, I know this has been asked before but i cant seem to find a decent answer.... Does anybody know parts number or have links to the oil sensors that go into the housing on a abf or 9a? I have 3 spaces for sensors and i would like to buy new parts. I dont have the old sensors for reference anymore. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi All Im after the speedo drive sender that fits onto the gearbox to give a reading on the clocks. If you have one drop me a msg on 07900911190. Thanks
  6. Hi , how much for the gearbox speed sensor? Thanks
  7. Hi , im interested in the loom for the clocks , could you pm with a contact number? Thanks
  8. Gents Im after a loom for a set of clocks from a late 16v/9a or G60. Please give me a call on 07900911190 if you have anything, or drop me a msg on here. Thank you
  9. Thanks for the info! I have managed to find a set. :)
  10. Hi all I am after a set of clocks either maybe g60 or late 16v , they must be the type that use a sensor for the speedo not a cable! Drop me a msg or call on 07900911190 if you have anything suitable. Thank you
  11. Mods can you close this thread pls. Big thanks to troy for sorting me out. Cheers
  12. As per title gents I'm after a complete early headlight loom. From the fuse box to the lights/indicators etc..... I know it's a long shot but if anybody has one give me a shout on 07900911190 or msg cheers!
  13. Any chance you could send me over a pic , so i can make sure its the same one? also is posted to reading , or if you are not to far i can pop over
  14. Can't find a part number , but will call vw, how much are you after forthe whole thing ?
  15. Hi, did you have a chance to check for the elbow pipe? Cheers!

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