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  1. Nolly

    G60 Throttle Cable

    Afternoon, Does anyone have a throttle cable for a G60 available (part no. 536721555)? VWH only have the later one in stock. Thanks in advance. Ollie
  2. Thanks for sorting the images Dox, not sure what I did wrong :shrug: My mates garage is where I am storing the car for a short period so will take the opportunity to sort some bits too. I would ideally like to strip it back to the shell and re-build but would also like to be using it in the summer! A few parts have arrived in the post this week for the car so will try and get these fitted at the weekend. Nolly
  3. Did you manage to get the car scanned George? Hopefully its just an ABS sensor and a cheap fix!
  4. My mates garage is where I am storing the car for a while so I will be able to get some work done on it too.... Ideally I would like to strip it right down and get the shell fully re-painted however I also want to use the car this summer! And cheers Dox for sorting the images... not sure what I did wrong. Nolly
  5. Looks a good base you've got there George. What other plans have you got for the car? Maybe the Corrado adaptor only works with certain diagnostic tools? Nolly
  6. My mates garage is where I am storing the car for a while and carry out some work myself. I want to fit the 2nd hand wing to the O/S and then prep for body repairs and painting. I also want to get all the engine bay tidy as there's bits I'm not happy with. Ideally I would like to fully strip the shell and paint but at the minute haven't got the time. Thanks for sorting the images Dox.... not sure what I did wrong! Nolly :mrgreen:
  7. Thanks for that, much appreciated :thumbleft:
  8. Bit of a shot in the dark but does anyone have a newer link for the parts catalogue that works? I've tried all the above but they no longer seem to work. Thanks
  9. Evening all, Over the weekend I decided to give myself a good kick up the backside and actually start getting my Corrado sorted. I've owned the car since March 2016 and used it daily for a while but since then its been used the odd day and parked up in a garage the rest of the time. The car is pretty much how I purchased it. Was originally a G60 but now fitted with a BAM engine running the QPENG loom etc and O2J box. So I got it fired up yesterday, used it today and then dropped it off at my mates garage ready to start work. Here's a few images for starters which were taken 4 or 5 months ago after a quick wash and clean. [ATTACH=CONFIG]91372[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91375[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91378[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91381[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]91384[/ATTACH] Apologies in advance for the poor quality images. I will get some better ones up when I can. Nolly :mrgreen:
  10. I too didn't know him personally however it seems he was a very popular guy! RIP Bally and my thoughts are with his family. Did Bally also have a silver Corrado at some stage, saw it on Instagram earlier looks awesome!
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