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  1. Yeah, I think it's probably something best left in the past! As tempting as it is I think the reality is that I've not got the time to **** about with cars any more so a 15-20 yr old coupe isn't going to give me hassle free motoring. My main steed is a Land Rover Discovery which is coming up to two years old, it's a lovely car with plenty of toys but is a bit wallowy and soulless so I fancy something a bit more fun, I dabbled with a 996 911 a couple of years back but they've shot up in price since and again it felt quite old which made me look at 997's, but I've been priced out of those so thought about corrados again, but in reality they're too old now. I quite like the look of those Toyota GT86's, so might go and have a drive of one when I can find time and see what they're like, anyone here tried them?
  2. Haha, hiya Tim long time no speak! What are you up to nowadays, still got your place in Hayle?
  3. Yeah 'tis I, couldn't get into my old account so had to register a new one, hope you're well Mr Haywire? :D
  4. If it's the 94 Aqua Blue VR6 in your sig then yes that was probably me, but it would have been a bit longer than 7 years ago you bought it, I had another one after that! Glad to hear you still have it! So, anyone near Bath and can have a look at a car for me? :D
  5. The more I look at it, that one does look like a nice straight example, everything lines up nicely from what I can see, and reasonably priced too, the sort of thing I'd be looking for.
  6. It seems like I'm not alone in thinking these prices are a bit ambitious then, some fair point made too. And yeah part of what appeals to me is buying something that won't depreciate, I wouldn't be using it daily or anything like it, my daily hack has probably lost £5-6k in value since I bought it in January and it smarts a bit! In the 10 years or so and 10-15 Corrados' I had (can't remember exactly how many!) I broke down maybe twice and can say that I didn't loose a penny on any of them, some great memories made in them, hence why I've been looking again, but not sure if I'm looking back with rose tinted glasses and the reality is that they're just a lot older now and the chances of getting one that drives and looks as it should for reasonable money are slim to none! I'm not into the idea of having to maintain anything, I was never a tinkerer but have way less time and inclination to spend the minute amount of spare time I get pi$$ing about with a car, I just want to be able to drive it! So all in all I think I might be asking for a bit much! :lol: EDIT - Cheers for the link, looks nice but 6 hours each way is a bit much!
  7. Haha, that was more like 10-15 years ago, I've been living in Cornwall for 12 years and it was a fair while before I moved, time fly's!
  8. OK I realise that I'm probably asking in the wrong place, but it's been 7 years since I last drove a Corrado, back then you could buy a pretty mint VR6 for around £3-4k, people were struggling to sell them and we were all wondering why MK2 Golfs were fetching much more of a premium than rado's. But nowadays, dented scratched 100k miler Vr6's are on the market at £8-9k, valvers going for £5-6k, and although I appreciate that there are less on the roads now and they were always due a price rise, surely prices like that are a bit OTT? I quite fancy buying a nice VR for old times sake but would be fussy about condition, even 10 years ago the difference between driving a goodun that'd been looked after and driving a shoddy one that had been cheaply maintained was night and day, I don't fancy driving a rattly/squeaky/loose old car with limp seat bolsters and slack steering, do these £8-9k cars have any chance of driving like they did 15 years ago? For that sort of money I'd be expecting the car to be mintyer than an extra strong Trebor, but looking around even at that price you're looking at dented/scratched/rusty examples, are they really worth that, and are they actually selling at that sort of money? (and if so, who the feck is parting with that sort of money for them!)
  9. I'm not a social media guy either, despite having a facebook business, I don't use it personally (although i admit to stalking a few old mates on it using my missus' account). I think Photobucket's need to monetise their site has had a massive impact on forums though. When you search for a solution to a problem on any number of subjects it's almost certain that a forum will come up top on Google with an answer for you, photobucket has been instrumental in that for years and years so the sudden loss of images in all of those useful threads is a real shame, although I understand that they need to get the money in, the fallout is huge. I still use forums, I'm currently on my second LR Discovery 4 so have been a member on that forum for a few years and was on the porsche forums for a while before that, but none are as well organised and run as this one always has been, credit where its due!
  10. Hehe, I still keep an eye on this place all those years on, check in every month or so :camp: I've been looking at rado's recently because I'd love one for old times sake, I think it'd make me feel young again getting back in one :dance: , but fluck me, they're pricey for a goodun nowadays! shouldawouldacoulda kept some of the nicer one's I had ten years ago I could have made a fortune! How are you Jim?
  11. Still a whinging old bastward then!!! :camp: :wave:
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