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  1. Yes thats brilliant! Do you want to private message me your number?
  2. Can we sort out payment and postage today bud? I need the rad support just not the crossmember cheers!
  3. Hi Nathan,

    Unfortunately I only have a couple of cross members mate, the part you require that sits on top has gone.


  4. Hi Nathan,

    I'll get you a couple of photos later on, as soon as i'm out of work mate.

    I'll be sending them off my phone onto your email, please check and make sure that my email doesn't get thrown in the SPAM section of your server, it seems to be happening alot recently and other members of the forum have had the same problem..


  5. Hi andrew have you still got the 1.8 16v radiator support



    [email protected]

  6. Yes its [email protected] thanks!!! Would you leave your number in the email so i can contact you andrew! Thanks!!!
  7. Hi anyone got a radiator support to fit 1.8 16v???
  8. Would it fit an 1800 16v? Cheers!!!!
  9. Would it fit an 1800 16v?



  10. Hi yes still available .

    Regards alex

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