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  1. Hi mate. Corrado looks great. How much are you looking for this? Thanks

  2. Thanks for all your interest. Deposit now paid, this will be going to a good home.
  3. I can help with this one as I regularly take my little one in the back of my Corrado, he loves it! I've used a Maxi Cosi Tobi from Mothercare and a Recaro child seat. Both seats fit pretty well but the Recaros seem to fit better / more sturdly into the Corrado rear seat. Easy to get the actual seat in and out - the seat belt clips in near the top on each side of the child seat then round the back & click into the seat buckle. Isofix mounts could possibly be restrospectively fitted, you'll need to look on the floorpan behind or under the rado rear seats for two blank bolt holes. However a DIY Isofix job is not something I would personally recommend. My parents had 2 of us in the rear seats of the Corrado for 14 years but health & safety were less of an concern back then! Hope that helps, cheers.
  4. Supersonic

    Nice gauges

    These look like the best set of OEM look gauges I've seen for the rado. Really like how they look with the dash plus look high quality and completely non-rice/boy-racer.
  5. Hi Si, Thanks for your help, very useful info. for new members wishing to post. Yes, not having the 6 forum posts on here was holding the advert back from going live. All sorted out, I am now a trusted member! Cheers.
  6. Appreciate the great comments! Wish I could take credit for the quality of the work, previous owner Kip did an amazing job on the full restoration. Hoping it will find sanctuary with another Corrado enthusiast.
  7. SOLD Welcome to the sale of a VW Corrado Storm up there with the holy grail of Corrado's! This is one of the most well known Corrado’s in the community and the time has come for me to pass this awesome machine to a new enthusiast. I have a growing small family and do not have the time to drive it like it deserves to be. I am not a regular poster on this forum so a few people may have wondered who bought this cracking car and what happened to it! I bought this Storm directly from Kip back in August 2017 who I know is very highly regarded and popular on this forum. This Corrado was Kip’s pride and joy and he carried out the modifications and upgrades over a long period of time since 2008. The reason I bought it is mainly because my Dad drove a VR6 Corrado for 14 years when I was little and I loved it back then so wanted to have the chance to own one for myself! I’ve also owned a number of classic cars myself including TVR’s and a lovely 20V tornado red Audi ur Quattro. The VW is a 1995 Corrado Storm in Mystic Blue colour which is the rarest colour of the limited edition Storm versions that VW manufactured. Please see Kip’s original build thread here since September 2008 where he did a full nut and bolt restoration at the same time as fitting the R32 engine: http://www.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?40739-KipVR-s-R3-2-Storm-build The engine is a 24 valve using an Audi TT R3.2 litre engine currently with approximately only 54,000 miles on it with currently 139,220 on the odometer. This may go up a bit before the sale as I do a small amount of daily driving in the Corrado. The brakes are Brembos in Silver whilst the suspension is a Bilstein PSS9 kit. The look of this Corrado Storm is a very OEM using mainly OEM parts and any non-standard parts that were used still keep the OEM look. The only non OEM look is the wheels. These could easily be changed to the original Speedlines but I had the car with a set of BBS RS alloys (now sold) that gave the Storm a meaner look to match the engine! With the 24V engine, this makes the Corrado the car VW should have produced after the VR6 Storm came out. With 24V is more urgent and powerful than the standard 2.9 VR6 to make it a properly rapid car on pace instead of purely a quick one. As mentioned I have previously owned TVR’s (4 for my sins!) and this Corrado can easily match their raw power whilst not feeling it will kill you at the same time! However, that 24V whilst taking the power level up, does not exceed the capability of the standard Corrado chassis. Couple this with the other subtle mods Kip carried out, this car is utterly awesome. When I first drove it I thought it was a true wolf in sheep's clothing and that is exactly what this car is! I would like to state that the work and attention to detail that Kip carried out is second to none. To quote Kip, he spent months getting the difficult wiring in the Corrado really tidy, and creating an engine loom that was plug and play into the standard VR6 fusebox, he also fully protected in conduit like a modern loom - this is not a soldered and taped up loom, it's been properly done with a lot of love and care using fusebox connecting pins and waterproof OEM plugs and sockets. See the pic of the loom in the photos. Please see a link to all the photos of the Corrado Storm including restoration photos, current photos and comprehensive service history: https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/1326g2 Kip drove the car for a year as a daily driver to iron out any problems following the conversion - there weren't really any problems with it, he did tinker with the suspension and geometry to get it good for the UK roads. The Bilstein suspension is fully adjustable and the way it is currently set up can feel a little harsh / crashy over potholes. I enjoy the low profile driving nature, however, this can be changed by the new owner if they should wish. I have kept the car fully garaged during ownership so the underside and running gear remains very clean. The entire engine conversion runs extremely well, I have not had any major problems with it and the driving experience has been an absolute pure joy. Re. servicing, I have only taken the Corrado to independent VW specialists, Steve and Michael at VW Revolution based in Great Missenden who have carried out all the servicing and iron out any issues during my ownership. Steve and Michael are both VW trained master technicians with over 45 years’ of experience working at VW main dealerships running their service and repair operations. My Corrado Storm has been in very safe hands during my ownership! I have all the servicing paperwork and happy to run through that with a potential new owner. Next service is due early 2020. Re. number of owners, I am the sixth owner but worth noting that 2 of the previous owners have actually been Kip himself and 1 of them his friend, another Corrado enthusiast. The main list of modifications that were carried out during the restoration period include the following:- Engine: 3.2 Audi BHE engine MAF and Airbox. Brakes Front: 323mm Brembos, in Silver. Brakes Rear: 280mm rear brakes. Suspension set-up: Bilstein PSS9 kit with custom damper tune (designed for the road not track!) Bilstein suspension can be sent off for a rebuild or re-tune to how you personally like it for individual driving experience. Exhaust: Jetex Exhaust, complete system. Alcantara Headliner throughout - looks stunning and gives an extra feeling of luxury. Rear Lights: All red rear lights to give clean look. Trimmed Centre Console - looks very nice. Custom made rear casing in the boot with carpet (see photos) to make the boot completely flat. HID Morimoto projector retrofit wired with 6 waterproof miniature relays. Awesome lighting, but subtle as it retains the original headlight. New glass on the headlights. Similar to a Mk2 Golf Rallye headlight but the projector is more subtle. The projector gives a much better light pattern than the original headlights. Textured black slam panel and under headlight bar- to match textured grille (original mystic blue Storm grill also included in the sale) Fuse box on battery to feed headlights and fans (and aux water pump) Period Alpine Head unit, with a Bluetooth music and handsfree adapter installed. USB chargers in place of the cigarette lighter and in the glovebox. Battery voltage meter inside the glovebox to see what the battery is doing. FYI, I keep the battery on a trickle charge in the garage with a CTEK charger). OEM electric Recaros - fully working in stunning black leather! VW Lupo Wiper Arms. New Windscreen. Re. other electricals on the car, everything is working as it should including the notorious Corrado electric sunroof! Re. the negative points on the car, I will be perfectly honest about them:- Firstly, the brakes - they are good but not certainly not that strong given the extra power so I had a new bespoke braided brake hose lines installed as the original bespoke hoses were wearing out. This has certainly helped but Steve at VW Revolution recommends getting the calipers skimmed to help improve braking further. Secondly, the exterior - the bodywork is good but definitely not 100% perfect - the bonnet has small stone chips and could do with a full respray. There is a small dent on the drivers side rear wheel arch that happened to Kip unforseen in a car park but its not noticeable unless looking for it. There are other bits of the bodywork that could do with some work but nothing major, e.g. stone chip on the VW badge etc. I have to say thought, for a car this old, the paintwork does look extremely good overall and I am personally really fussy with paint. For any amateur car detailers out there, I have polished using a combination of Meguiars and AutoGlym products finishing with Victoria Concours Red Wax. Thirdly, Steve noted there is a very small amount of play in the upper steering rack - only really noticeable under hard braking but something to consider addressing for the next service. The electric Recaro seats were trimmed in dark grey leather in 2017 with quality carpet mats to finish the interior off. The handbrake leather still needs a replacement but I have not touched the car myself in anyway since Kip owned it apart from the other wheels & regular servicing and use. Re. MOT the next one is due 31st October 2019 and it had a geometry check with printout at VW Revolution on the last trip. Re. price, I bought the Corrado from Kip at a great price. Its difficult to value giving the time and effort that has gone into it. Ideally I would like £10,000 for it which I believe is a lot of Corrado for a genuine Storm and a testament to the stunning quality of the restoration. I have taken the Corrado to a lot of classic car shows and everyone compliments on it, especially that awesome engine bay! In my opinion, this is up there with the holy grail of Corrado’s which is why I bought it and I’d love an enthusiast to enjoy it as much as I have during their ownership. To note, I have not advertised on PistonHeads nor AutoTrader yet as I consider this the best place for a Corrado enthusiast to buy a fully restored Storm. I may advertise on eBay for a larger VW audience. Also, I have actually managed to find a replacement car in a private sale that I would like to purchase sooner than later so would prefer a quicker sale if possible! I am based in Wendover, Chilterns in Buckinghamshire which is about a 30 minute drive from Oxford. If I think of any further information I’ll add it on here. Thanks for looking and any questions feel free to PM me directly on here.
  8. I've got retrimmed electric Recaros in dark grey leather, they are supremely comfortable for long journeys plus really easy to maintain with leather cleaner. Leather adds that feeling of luxury too. Would agree that cloth Recaros would definitely be better during the summer months.
  9. I agree with what has been said, I would be more than happy to pay for membership to help keep the forum going. This is a huge source of invaluable Corrado information from enthusiasts.
  10. Si thanks for your help, much appreciated. I have private messaged Toby. I have been long-term invisible on here since August 2017 as I only use the forum as a source of excellent info. However, I should reach my 6 post goal today to hopefully become a trusted member! Cheers, Darren
  11. To add, I have tried private messaging user VR6 who I understand is the main admin of the forum but his inbox is full.
  12. This is one of the best forums left running. I agree with the above post, tapatalk would work well. I use this as a wealth of Corrado information. Edition 38 is a huge loss. I hope the owners managed to save all the info.
  13. Yes, I have had the pleasure of owning Kip's Corrado R3.2 for the last 2 years! What an absolutely cracking machine! Unfortunately, I am now about to sell her due to an expanding family. Re. my for sale advert, I am currently waiting in a queue for a moderator to sign off before it goes live here. I do not usually post on the forum. For anyone interested in buying one of the best Corrado's please PM me directly and I'll get back to you, thanks.
  14. Hi, Please can one of the forum moderators get in contact with me. I posted my Corrado advert for sale on Sunday but it has still not gone live yet. Due to not having 5 forum posts, it appears I am currently stuck in a moderator queue that requires action. Thanks.
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