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  1. Sorry I did not see a email from them. 535857145 is in stock my bad, at vw classic parts for 0.99e and at vw heritage by 3,35pounds. They made a order of the weather seals by the original manufacturer company (but this company does not exist anymore) VW Classic parts will try reproduce many parts for many cars this year and they are really busy on this area, I do not think I would convince them specially when they are working from home, BUT planning go to Germany in Sep and visit classic parts to see a "friend" who works there, I will wait till then to push them again. Cheers Sebastian
  2. The pleasure is mine, its horrible to stay at home doing nothing this days... Lmao The front indicators (late type) are reproduced by Chris in germany. Next parts on the list are: 535 827 765 N 90581401/535857145 535 827 769 (we can get some reproductions or make them ourselfs if we have a 3D printer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3238732 ) window seals like 535 837 474A they were under production but we are still waiting after a year Radiator soporter 535 199 171 (I spoke few days ago with Rob Wallis the Design Director of a company in UK the one was making them as reproduction in aluminium and titanium but after some years they are not making them anymore) Cheers Sebastian
  3. Happy to see more people with enthusiasm Ben! Peak district perhaps Keyo? or we coud do a bbq at cannock chase on front of our cars but for road trips on this area are well you know... and we can not stay longer than 3h. A good option shoud be Horseshoe Pass having a breakfast on the top together and after EVO triangle but I think will be too far for few of us. I will have a look on the area 🙂 Sebastian
  4. I owe you an apology guys, I couldn't answer the post before. VW Heritage will have them in stock soon, they will be in sets of 5 to make them cheaper for around £20 - £25 depending on the final cost and volume manufactured. Now when I will have time I will go for the next one on my list, the indicators and I know few of us have reproduce them already like karmannski, fingers crossed to bring them back too. Sebastian
  5. Thanks Keyo, Jun is perfect for me, please let me know if u need any help, I use to do trips on my own. Seb
  6. Hi all, Another happy owner from midlands, cannock and always up for any meeting! 😎 Seb
  7. Many thanks for offer your help. Luckly I have one spare, the one is always in my pocket when I am asking every company. At the moment I think I have already ask all midlands supliers ... So I would say is almost impossible to get them by ourself. I will contact with vw heritage or vw classic parts. If I will fail and they will confirm me will be outdate forever I will have a look my B plan, make the molds by my self and order a production by myself, a C plan would be check companies of 3D printers of steel and order some, will be expensive, but by far cheaper than a CNC. I will try keep u all update. Kind regards Sebastian
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the replys. The bigest problem of this bolts are the price and almost imposible to find, they start around 10e each used and without shiping? maybe even more now. This are specific bolts for what they do and how they fit. Today with the escuse of work I had a chat with a boss from the company "CROMWELL" and he just told me they are anable to suply them. He recomend me to do a proper drawing of them and send a email to every company of supliers to start fishing propery BUT I can not do the drawing of this thread in the sistem or even on paper. I have never touch one like this one... I am thinking to text the big cheese of vw heritage and offer him a big order of them in advance to push them to order 1 production. After all is the guy who made the code discount for all corrado clubs after few chats with him. Fingers crossed Sebastian
  9. Hi all, I am trying to reproduce in my own the outdate "n90433801". But sadly this thread is out of my knowledge (it can only be done in a machine with screw molds the one I do not have in my Tool Room), I am checking companies to get a bolt with this specific thread and another like the rest of the bolt, my idea is one in the lathe to drill, after make a thread on both to be able to put them together with loctite for metal. But is going to take me too much time and at the moment I use to be very busy at work. So, I would like to Know if anyone knows the suplier of this bolts to VW for just try order a box from them. Many thanks in advance Sebastian
  10. woww woww... I send u a PM
  11. Hi VW RULE, I got them the other day from one friend. Thanks a lot for your reply and help! Sebastian
  12. hi vw rule, thanks for answer! Yes I know they have the pin locks and left ring under it with the led, but the part I am missing is the right ring under the pin lock, only that one but I can get a full set just for it Regards Sebastian
  13. hi there, Anyone has the OEM pin locks late type with the rings under them for sell?? I can not find them anywhere... thanks in advance!! Sebastian
  14. 8) 8) I think was a 3rd British Corrado but as soo many people without other car there, was out of the party almost all time. Well we have been more than 200 Corrados and people from so many clubs and countries... I will never forget the experience!
  15. With spanish friends Waiting the others to go in Running in nurburgring And long etc Well I have so many photos... beter go to the group in facebook to see them :) Sebastian
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