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    49% off in Feb

    Ok - thanks. I'll give my local branch a ring as well. Matt
  2. mbradbrook

    49% off in Feb

    Hi Dox, Can this be used in the GSF ebay store as well? Need a fuel accumulator which is £416.86 on the GSF website and £217.20 in their ebay store. Thanks Matt
  3. Hi there, Does the moulding with the end pieces attached for £170 come with the 3M double sided tape? If not what width tape would you recommend? Cheers Matt
  4. Hi there, I had a sensor go on my vr6 and used the Meyle sensor from vwspares.co.uk for £12.60 each. Sorted my car and have been fine for 4 years. Cheers Matt
  5. Plugs were replaced not that long ago with genuine vw plugs. I took them out last time i had the problem and they all looked ok. Might be worth a try though with the ngk plugs recommended on this forum.
  6. Hi all, Just taken my vr6 out after being laid up over winter. The car started ok but when accelerating from a lowish speed in the higher gears the engine stutters. I seem to remember this happened last year and a fresh tank of fuel cured it. I have 3/4 tank left over from last summer so does old fuel seem to be a feasable cause? The car had new ht leads and fuel filter last year and the coil pack is quite new. I took the car out for a 50 mile drive on mixed roads and the stutter is still there. Any advice would be really appreciated! Matt
  7. Afternoon all. Took my VR6 out for a drive today after it had been laid up over winter. I noticed that when accelerating hard there was a slight stutter. The coil pack was changed about 500 miles ago so I don't think it is that. I've just ordered some blue igniter ht leads to see if this fixes the problem. I noticed on the C&R website that it says the Blue Igniter leads do not need the spark plug ferrules. I've just taken a plug out of mine and noticed that the end of the spark plug are not threaded and have a ferrule that is part of the plug and can not be unscrewed (they are VW plugs). Can someone confirm that the the Blue Igniter leads are a direct replacement for VW ones? Cheers Matt
  8. VW Spares sell the Beru ones. I fitted one to my VR6 and it has been fine for the past 5 years: http://www.vwspares.co.uk/corrado_electrical.php Matt
  9. Hi there, Didn't manage to source an original handle but ordered a Porsche 911 handle from the link above which looks very similar. Matt
  10. The slot on the inside has split. I've searched on the forum and found a link to a Porsche handle that looks identical: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-PORSCHE-911-964-993-924-944-928-Seat-Release-Knob-Set-Handles-Clamps-/251058790895?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a744521ef I'll contact the seller to see what the part number is. Matt
  11. Evening all, My 1995 corrado is fitted with leather electric Recaro seats. The seat tilt lever on the inner side of the drivers seat has broken. The part number written on the inside of the handle is 0960000800. I've looked on Etka but it does not find it. If i go to the dealer do you think they will be able to find it? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Matt
  12. Just seen that your car is now on sale for 14k - Good on you! This sort of thing can only help raise the profile and values of the corrado. Best of luck mate!
  13. Definitely worth more than 5k. VR6s with low mileage, in excellent condition are very rare. I'd put it up for 7-8k and be prepared for a bit of a wait but someone who wants something a little special will be prepared to spend that much. There is plenty of tat out there for 3.5k and your car will be worth far more than 1500 extra. Matt
  14. Personally i would take my standard VR with leather, electric heated recaros, aircon and headlight washers over any similar condition storm. As everyone else has mentioned - condition is the most important thing when buying. It is such a shame that VW didn't make more of an effort with the storm - eg VSR and improved suspension etc - then i think it would be worth paying a premium. Standard vw leather, storm badges, painted grill and wheels as fitted to many 8v mk3 Golf gtis doesn't do it for me. :D Matt
  15. Hi there, I need some help with my mk2 Golf 16v. I've just bought a set of electric mirrors complete with loom and switch but the drivers mirror is missing a crucial plastic rack - see photo below: I was told that the Corrado wing mirrors use the same mootor assembly. I've checked my VR6 and sure enought it has the same plastic rack that clips on. Does anyone have an old motor assembly with this part? All i need is the pastic rack so it does not matter if the rest of the wing mirror is knackered. Thanks in advance! Matt
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