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  1. Ah might be that then by the sounds of it, if it’s leaking from by there, I’ll remove the metal cover and have a look, think that’s the only way I’ll be able to see in it.
  2. The oil pressure switch is leaking, iv cleaned all around and let it run for a bit it’s leaking from behind the plate that sits between the engine and the gear box, so it might be the sump gasket
  3. Hi all some advise my corrado has an oil leak not too sure where from yet but I plan to change the rocker and sump gaskets with a service this weekend also the oil pressure switches as it looks like they are leaking a bit. Is there any other common places to get oil leaks from.. thanks
  4. Fuse is ok think it might be the head light switch going to test the feed to that tomorrow
  5. Not the fog light, I mean the stop and tail light, there’s no side light but the brake light works..
  6. Hey anyone had trouble with 1 rear light not working, the side light doesn’t seem to work, but when you apply the brake that lights up. Also the indicator works too. Iv tried different light cluster that does the same.
  7. Hi all, just got a 1.8 corrado and it’s running on different rear brakes think there off a mk3/4 golf as there 5 stud. There is 205 50 15 tyres on at the moment, the rear wheels have a spacer on as the person said the tyres catch the suspension. It’s on lowering springs could this be the problem why it’s catching.. thank you
  8. Hey everyone is there any members from the Wirral/Merseyside area not seem many Corrados around here?.
  9. Yea it’s had a bad paint job in the past so it all needs re painting, the front wings have been cut instead of them rolling them for some reason. I have two other wings for that. Yea I know there getting more rare these days I was thinking of getting a golf vr6 and putting the engine in. As I have had vr6 golfs in the past. Not too sure yet tho Mabe worth having it back to standard.
  10. I’m back after getting a corrado once again. It’s a red 16v but the paint work needs some tlc.. but I’m a car painter so that’s all good :).. what you guys think should I keep the car original.. with the red Thanks
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