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  1. Yea that's going to be the plan. Its too long at the mo but can cut that down. Just have to unwrap the wiring. That's the best course of action. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah it's from the relay but wrapped in tape wrap to ths point. I can see there's an earth point right next to the relay. I suppose one option actually now the interior is all out again is to unwrap the tape and cut the wire down.
  3. Right back to this as I have just taken all of my interior back out in preparation for some work needed underneath the car (bloody car is draining me dry now). Q - can i use the stud circiled in the picture, once paint ground off with a suitable nut as an earth, without causing myself any rust issues in the future? Is it too close to other wires too? The earth cable won't stretch any further than this. My other option is to put a hole in the cross support metal work on the floor under the chair.
  4. Jesus yeah easily done and that was the issue at my last house - driveway slope. Incredibly frustrating when you just want to crack on but just not worth it! This is partly why i wanted a lift system. I cba to mess about with axle stands at each corner but I will use axle stands or wheelstands under the wheels in conjunction with this lift if I am working under there.
  5. For goods under 135 the seller is responsible for charging the import VAT (also 20%). For goods over 135 its free reign seller could collect or let it get charged at customs. Or hell even both may happen. The UK VAT return template doesn't cater for these changes. I'm sure processes will be put into place eventually. My Gamma 4 came from Germany within days and no custom charges and VAT was included in the price. I paid 95 inc VAT. Before brexit im pretty sure they were that price anyway (no vat back then).. .. so you can see why sellers outside of the UK might not want to supply at the moment. Difficult to be competitive if some are losing 20% by perhaps not being on top of things. Understand goods from China are on thr up too. I bought some kwik lift ramps and they've gone up 100 quid since I purchased. Its all a little messy. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  6. The postage is probably becuase they dont currently want to supply goods to the UK post brexit. It's all a bit new and processes are being put into place but Ebay sellers have to charge import VAT on their sales to UK customers, tag that import VAT has been paid and hope UK customs have their act together to not make the customer pay import VAT again. That last bit isn't that clear and there's rules for sales under/over £135 plus rules for online shops where the responsibilities seem to be different for each and the higher value (over £135) seem to be open to differnt options (i.e. seller pays or can decide to make it get paid at customs). All a bit odd. If i was a seller in Europe I'd probably put things on pause for a bit until everything was clear!
  7. Yeah I had to go for something like this becuase of the garage height too. I wanted a scissor lift really but they are £5-600 more and I'd not use the full lifting height. Here's a test of overloading the 2.5 tonne up to 4.7 tonnes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtG3o2yUH1M I'd put some tyres and probably axle stands if i was working under there just incase! I hate working solely under axle stands and especially hate jacking the car and balancing it on axle stands - especially at the back of the Corrado (&mk2) - the place i jack is usually where i went to put the axle stand.
  8. Made my decision and bought a set of these. BIt more than I wanted to spend but I was able to pick up from their warehouse 10 miles from house so that swung it. As my garage isn't that wide or tall I wasn't going to get the benefit of a fixed scissor lift or have the space to slide the 3 in 1 tilting lift under my car. https://www.garageequipment.co.uk/Vehicle-Lifts/Scissor-Lifts/Kwik Lifts and Accessories/e4g-kl2500AC-portable-kwik-lift-ac220v
  9. It does seem pretty good but one issue i've noticed is if you have a single garage like me (3.3m wide) i think you'll struggle to get it underneath. Here's a vid - you can get one end of the car up by 1.5m (go to 4:20 on the vid) by the looks or balance it on axle stands to get all 4 wheels. I'm still not sure about it lifting on the pinch welds, or as in this video inboard of the pinch welds. But I suppose it is better than lifting through the 2x2in lifting point of a jack.
  10. Hi, Has anyone got one these in their garage, or anything similar? I'm considering this alongside the quickjacks lift and possibly one of the automotech scissor lifts but they're quite expensive and I could get an air compressor for the difference in price! https://cjautosheywood.co.uk/product/3in1-tilting-adjustable-car-lift-1-5-ton-cl01/ My worry about this lift is that the others have rubber blocks to lift on the factory jacking points whereas this tilting lift appears to rest along any section of the pinch welded sills which are not factory jacking points. To be fair it does appear to spread the load wide but I don't want to crush my pinch welds... The big advantage of this lift over the more expensive options is that it can be positioned to work either end of the sills. Cheers Matt
  11. I didn't think £200 was too bad of a good 3/4 tbf. However he did offer me a passenger side cut for the lower rear arch/sill at £90 and it was rustier than the one on the 16v I wanted to replace!
  12. Looking good. What underseal have you used on the bodysections?
  13. A minor update - car still stored at my father in laws and lockdowns have meant no visiting or progress. It is tucked up in a garage now though with a blanket over it... I did buy some Borbet Cs for it and have considered trailoring it back to me but not ready for it over here yet.
  14. If you needed more from that area there is a chap on the facebook group (Martin Higgins - Buckinghamshire area) selling a decent entire 3/4 on the drivers side for £200
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