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  1. Assume it is almost impossible to find any of the zender/kamei kits these days? Quite like that red one now....
  2. A just seen you went on a strip to St Albans - you should have nipped in for a cuppa!
  3. As someone who would never consider a bodykit the top ones are nice and subtle and i would consider that for mine. However the grille badge placement is giving me the sweats.
  4. Somewhat of a bargain I thought considering what they were sellling for second hand back in 2009. I believe these were left over from a run of wheels made in 2008. I'm led to believe they are all gone now though. https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/fs-5x100-16x7-corrado-speedline-wheels-yokohama-parada-tires-mint-condition.4372369/
  5. That would be good. My car is sitting in my garage without a fuel tank and front end at the moment. We will get there it's just one of my daily drivers has blown it's turbo so am working on that one when i get time. My projects are taking longer than expected - this white car was meant to be finished but wasn't happy with a few aspects post respray.
  6. That....... looks...... EPIC! Mine are still piled up in the corner of my living room 😞 Best wheel for the Corrado hands down. Ok we're biased but it's true.
  7. Superb job there. Just read back the thread - I was 17 in 2000 as well but didn't have the forsight to buy a rado back then. There is something really satisfying about knowing the underside of the car is protected. I've done similar to you but with dinitrol. Looks the same mind!
  8. Yes that's right I have the green one on mine. It is a 70l tank/vr6 if that makes a diff Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Stone, yeah photos would be good. It is a tricky area to do anything with. My tank is a little different to yours, I think it is the same as Dox - return line. My one connects up the pipes that runs under the car. I put my finger on the points. Some pics: Also inc a pic of the hole in the chassis leg for it to run through. My bodyshop trapped it underneath with the brown/clear pipe (disconnected on mine and stank of fuel). Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Nice work there, thanks for making parts to keep our old girls the road! Do you make the headlight repair clips for where they mount to the slam panel?
  11. Mileage shouldn't be problem if you're rebuilding it and replacing worn out parts. The only issue i can think of is the block being worn but i would have thought that's mostly fixable with overboring and piston rings to suit or sourcing a new block if it came to it once it is apart. That said you should be able to find an engine that is not seized - that's not a good start - Dox's engine sounds a good option as an alternative and if you're re-building the oil consumption wouldn't be too much of a problem. It depends on what is causing the oil consumption too - could just be a head refurb jobby on Dox's engine as would have thought the bottom end would still have plenty of life in it at 100k.
  12. I did little guide on my corrado thread on how to repair the brake pedal sensor. Also Stealth will do it if you remove and send to them as well.
  13. Stone - i think ill probably go the same route as you and delete the actuator. I've removed the fuel tank today and had a nose around. The plastic part in the pic was supposed to screw into the body but the screw holes have succumbed to rot. Looks to be a silly design really - huge hole where the actuator comes through allowing water and whatever else enter the inner arch. Well that is my excuse for deleting it anyway! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  14. I've not removed an axle (or front subframe before) but all this shiny stuff is giving me ideas. Do you have to line up the subframe/rear axle or is just a case of bolt off and on? The reason I've not done it is becuase I don't want to mess with the cars alignment but it does seem like people do this work at home.
  15. Ahh looks great - there is something hugely satisfying knowing parts like this are in tip top shape. I joined the Candian Corrado facebook page and saw this and thought it was you - I did comment as well.
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