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  1. Yeah those Astra ones look very similar where as the saab ones seem clearer. Ironically also £40 and not £300 and probably equally as rare. VW 2nd hand prices can be a joke.
  2. Nice find and good to see a real life example - they are absolutley fine in the bumper - normal people would not notice. These are the saab/volvo and bmw ones https://www.autohausaz.com/pn/1305354933 These look similar. I guess we will find out when you get it back and we'll find Saab fog light will rise to £300 in stead of a sensible £40 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-BOSCH-CLASSIC-CAR-HALOGEN-FOG-LAMPS-2305620009010-/284287225255?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=CjwKCAjwhaaKBhBcEiwA8acsHLfKcob7-F5SULW069RQatSaFC1GLHVIOJzCGsSe470j9MUoFkFduxoCRssQAvD_BwE
  3. no way where are they from - diff car? Haven't they always been on it since you got it - that's why i thought yours was an early front.
  4. Really I didn't know that. Your fog lights are diff to mine that's why I thought yours was different to the vr6 - i don't have the I assume Hella logo in the middle of them. Mine are on the bottom left hand corner.
  5. Rad support panel 😕 .. it's not stock to have that little rust.. Is is the dirvers side indicator - looks like a late one.. or maybe you were in the middle of refitting it
  6. Haha Keyo good looking boy though. Nice seats but a bit rich with the damage - isn't that material really hard to find as well?
  7. MJA

    G60 - Wanted

    Me too cressa I'd like a nugget but really any colour will do me as long as it has leather interior (or recaros but that might be pushing the boat out too far). I don't really want one that needs the full works like my old mk2 but would consider small amounts of welding and mechanical work such as a blown charger since I am not that far from Jabba but am looking for something with a good overall body. I keep looking at trying another car like an old merc or bmw but circle back to VW. I've not had an old 80s/90s boosted car before either.
  8. MJA

    G60 - Wanted

    Throwing some feelers out there. I want a G60 in my life. Must have leather, don't mind on colour or mileage. Preferably MOT'd but let me know if you have something that fits the bill. Would consider a mechanical project but don't want a really rusty one... Cheers Matt
  9. Ah i saw your corrado pop up on my feed on instagram. Panelkraft are not too far from me (Arlesey aren't they rather than Stevenage?). They certainly do a good job from the pics!
  10. Nice find on the parts. I had a similar problem with cars nose to tail and found it a pain when I had 3 lined up and wanted the back one out. Eventually your Corrado may have to come out of the garage to enable the mk2 to sit in bits for restoration ... My corrado lives under the carport attached to my garage ironic as I built the garage for the Corrado but need a workspace for the project car.
  11. I have put 95RON in mine in the past but it felt flatter vs Premium stuff. Premium also gives consistently more MPGs so factoring that in it's not that much more money.
  12. The mk2s are nice and they have reached true classic status now so it is worth the cost. Corrado's are about a 5-10 years behind the mk2 so we will see our day where it all makes sense on a financial level as well as the emotional. I could be tempted by a big bumper 16v (5 or 3 door) but there are other cars I like better for less money these days. I'm sure my mk3 16v with the Bilstein kit will handle and perform well for retro "hot" hatch fun. If not I may have to revist this decision!
  13. Cheers yeah it is a hard shape to get the curves right underneath - I spent a day on each side. The hardest part was getting the curves right underneath and mounting the lip so it was straight but followed the curve underneath. I did a lot of shaping off the car and then tacked it in place and finesseed with the hammer. I then welded on the lip once the repair underneath was on the car. I have just bought some refurbished 7J BBS RX226 for the mk3 but will share between the white corrado too. One of my favourite angles on the white one It does seem a bit greedy to own 2 corrados and I often have the niggle I should try something else but for the money I can't think what else to get. If I sold the white one i would make a loss so not an option. The green one I am quite fond - there is something honest about it being a basic 16v and I feel it is my duty to get it back on the road properly and in good bodywork shape as I got it in a very good deal and the previous owner did not want to see it is broken for spares (neither do I - only badly accident damaged or structurally rusted Corrados are OK to break in my eyes).
  14. Welcome and good to hear of a 1 owner car. Let us know the story of the car over those years - any major works or fun times 🙂 ?
  15. Stripped the mk3 16v down ready for some more welding works on the sills. It needs bonnet, wings and roof painting. Might get someone else to do it for me as have limited time at home.
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