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  1. Nice paint job :) I still haven't put my interior in. Chasing a leak and trying to tidy all the wires etc. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. VX Tuning ones look better if you want to use them as fogs for sure. I think the plastic ones are an alternative to those plastic Hella covers
  3. Yeah they are plastic. Fine by me though as never use my fogs and they're a fair bit cheaper.
  4. Yeah that's what I am thinking too. Quite a saving! I have a cracked fog on the 16v (still toying with keeping it .... the wife likes that one better than the white one and it would get used as an everyday car).
  5. How much would fog light lenses be? The links above are on sale $100 dollars plus $30 post and I am thinking about buying some.
  6. ooh nice Mini Cooper S. My brother had a R53 and the R56 version, R53 being my fav. Sorry to hear the sale dropped through but hopefully someone else will be back to buy soon. Keyo is right as much as love them all I think I'd like to have a mk5 R32 (manual & 5 door) - something more modern I can use year round but isn't turbo'd or 4 cylinder. I'll shfit on the mk4 golf and a corrado but will keep the mk2 and a corrado. The current fleet require too much of my time to keep sweet - drawning in bodywork and little jobs all the time. I'll probably change my mind!
  7. Ohh what have you replaced it with? Good you sold it though so you can move on. I feel like consolidating some of my cars next year. Scratch some itches before we're electrified in 2030 😄
  8. Wow Chris. This thread delivers indeed. So much want - how do you sell your products - have you got an online shop?. It's great to have you as part of the community. Another outlet for you would be the Corrado Club facebook page as sadly there is more footfall. I hate to direct you there away from the forum as in my opinion this forum is better than facebook at being a forum but please stick around here too as there are some members that don't have facebook. There are certainly for few bits I'd be interested in - fogs, corrado kick trims and headlight glass. It's great you're helping keep the cars on the road as these obsolote parts could be make or break for a car that's had a light crash on the front.
  9. Haha it was only a £25 helmet from Amazon but looks cool! I'll get practicing this side of christmas I hope. Preparing a base to build a garage and carport at the moment, although the garage kit won't arrive until Feb next year now.
  10. Cheers Si that advice is brilliant - thanks for taking the time to write it. I've been watching YouTube videos but it's time to put it into practice to really cement the knowledge. Interesting you say try on different grades - i have bought a loads of varying sizes of steel to practice on. I've only got as far as trying my mask though. My welder is gas and electric but had seen gas is better/easier(?) to weld with so bought some bottles. I don't think I have bought spare copper tips though. Thanks for sharing the wire speed and voltage - gives me a ball park to start with as was bit unsure where to start. Cheers and here's a happy pic of me 😉
  11. That's great info Si - thanks and definitely will be useful to others too. I've conceded and got a mobile welder coming out to take a look at it (i'm frustrated that my car has been unsable all year and just want it done now). That said I no doubt will come across this problem again and by then I hope to have finessed my welding skills.. I've just bought a Sealey Supermig 140... afterall if i am going to own old vws then i need to learn to weld!
  12. Windscreen fixed. No damage on removal..... ...but got a hole in the floor to sort next. Seems to have gone around the mount for the fuel pipe. I was (still might) have a go myself but also was hoping to have built my garage to do it in but that's not getting delivered until Feb 2021. I'm new to welding so wanted somewhere dry to practice and do the job. I have a panel from heritage to make a cut but will probably get someone local to do it as I just want the car back together now. Also I don't really know how to recreate the mount as the repair panel doesn't have it on. I had thought a rivnut?
  13. Epic, another one have the full works 🙂 Money pit indeed - i should change my thread title to that too.
  14. Haha yes! Mine was re done yesterday. He got it out without damage and although it rained heavy last night it did not leak. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  15. No that was me! We've both had bad luck with our screens. In my case the fitter said he'd put a rubber block at the point it cracked so luckily for me he's fitting me a new one for free but I still have the same hassle as making sure my paint is repaired before the new one goes in (as i've had a full repaint too!)
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