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  1. And I like how the glass roof is described as a rare part. Basically the original broke so it was changed out and if you were to use the tin roof with that mech installed you'd have to manually pull back and close the interior blind.
  2. Whaaat that's pretty high already. Most people run for the hills with high miles (not me though). As for being worth 6k I'm going to err on the side of caution and wouldn't put my money there. It isn't the milegae that puts me off it's the following items -rusty wing and bootlid -underside doesn't look like it has had any attention so will need some tlc. We can't see the sill around the front jacking point. -too many barry mods - ram air, sticker, green HT leads. -no evidence of chains being sorted -the presented service history stopped 15 years ago. If it was home serviced that is fine but it would make sense to present that. oh and edit to add - paint flake around the front suspension turrets must be an engine out job to sort properly before they rust.
  3. Ha yes BBS does get the glory. I think I only knew Ronal as a wheel used by Audi by research. I might be wrong but I believe the OEM winter alloys were always made by Ronal as they are stronger. And let's not forget Ronal also made those lovely teddy bear wheels too https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/224020928690?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=224020928690&targetid=908661247816&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1006997&poi=&campaignid=10199631325&mkgroupid=103626356284&rlsatarget=pla-908661247816&abcId=1145987&merchantid=6995734&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6PD3BRDPARIsAN8pHuHGiT70vh3SHN_n7SSMnjaz0_1Sel7JNHOdWBuSY381O6D3AKytf4oaAjUhEALw_wcB
  4. I quite like Ronal LS in 16in, BBS RZ409 in 15in or maybe something else from Ronal in 16in - those bottle top design ones look nice (R50). And of course the 16in 5 spoke Speedlines. I like my stock speedlines as well which in my eyes seem to look better on solid white/red Corrado's better than the other colours.
  5. Too big for me, I like 16s. That one looks nice above though with the bodykit the 17s suit it.
  6. They remind me of Team Dynamic Imola's! I would want something with a dish on it - not massively deep - just so the spokes don't lead out to rim.
  7. Yeah I like sebrings and would love a set if they were 5 spoke. Tempted to change my speedlines but what to? White in my mind seems hard to match a good wheel or I just can't imagine it right. I like BBS 16s but can't visualise it on my car. The look good on all other colours.
  8. Thanks mate - polish paint it would be for the tear drops then and not sure I like them that much tbh - bit boring - but good to keep as a set for originality. Are those on your old merc using polish paint on the dishes? A set of BBS's will probably sort it out nicely but pricing up the panels I need to buy and paint work first before we get to that stage. Corrado is still in the shop and by the time i get it back and the interior back in it will want an MOT. I can't have done more than 500 miles in it since the last.
  9. Ouch indeed but 20 wheel and tyre packages - almost enough for something different every day of the month!
  10. Haha champagne. What alloys did you get - for the mk2 or the corrado maybe? I think the alloys on my mk2 (tear drops) are too corroded to achieve a diamond cut finish.
  11. Quality efforts and the new paint looks great. I had wondered where you build thread was but now I know! Definitely seems the way forward stripping the car and putting it back together yourself. I only did the interior on mine but next time i hope to have a house with the space to strip it back to the shell pre-bodyshop. All the best and sorry to hear about the alloy wheel. Matt
  12. Well the Golf has now been delivered, happy with it and a bit of tin worm to sort out (expected). I'm moving house so that project will be on hold until this has happened - garaging and workspace is a number 1 criteria for me. Floor is nice except for a hole next to the sill up front and although the jacking points look complete the underseal has flaked off largerly around one and there is rust showing so I am expecting to weld here too. I knew all this though so I'm okay with it, one part I didn't pick up on was there is a bit of corrosion (no holes and passes the screwdriver test lol ) around the outer chassis legs - a long way up front and miles away from the subframe area. That will probably be a bit more involved to repair with the engine in the way (but there is a lot ot space in the 8v's). Removing the engine is on the cards as I have plans for the head (port, cams) and want to refresh seals and general tidy up. So the plans are to strip the car down, inspect it, maybe find a mobile welder who I can work with and learn myself to sort all the underbody and unseen stuff and then most likely send it off for a full respray. I thought i'd get away with just having the boot, bonnet and valances sprayed (rust repair panels) but the lower edges of the front wings where they meet the valance are past their best so had may well do the sides too. One thing I will be doing this time though is to strip everthing off the car myself and deliver the car as a shell for paint.
  13. I don't think it is on further research 1988. E regsitration only.Helios Blue, Oak Green & Metallic BlackLeather rimmed steering wheel - NORainbow seats - NO16v Half tint lights - YES14" Le Castellet wheels - NO8v & 16v version
  14. It is an F reg, I had thought about it being a campaign and discussed with Keyo. I need to ring up VW to find out. It doesn't have the right alloys though and the interior isn't rainbow cloth.
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