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  1. Windscreen is good, the "only" bits of rust to fix are - new drivers door (rot on the bottom) - both the bottoms of the rear arches (the rest are great) - the rear windcreen has a 5pence peace which will need the window popping out) - the seam below the rear light on one side only Sills, jacking points, floor are lovely and clean. Fuel filler is perfect.
  2. Cheers all! I'm too scared to use it but my painter said the good thing with single stage paint is it can be repaired easily. Cressa - the green one is tucked up in a barn in Wales. I'm moving house over here (Herts) so don't have the space/time to spend on it right now. Unfortuantley it looks like Wales is going into Lock down so I fear this is going to be a 2021 project. It needs the bottoms of the rear arches looking at as one side has a small hole into the cavity which i suspect will fail the MOT. I'm not sure how it has rotted there as it is a low use car, my white one has double the miles on it but the arches were solid (as was most of the rest of the shell). I guess the difference is the green one lived outside whereas the white one was garaged most of its life. This it the worst bit: Also has a bit here Plans are to get it MOT'd and all these bits of bodywork sorted. It's a nice car that just needs a little tlc (i'm guessing £1000 of body work).
  3. Thanks! Yes I am really pleased with it. It is still at the bodyshop in storage so no new pics i am afraid. Im moving house and wanted to keep it out of the way (and safe).
  4. They are the ones I want. Gimmie Gimmie haha Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Man after my own heart - 100% agree. I only have leather in cars with decent aircon. I want cloth recaro's really and specifically the late style cloth. Did see a set last year on ebay for 1600 and wish i made the effort to drive to the lake district to collect them.
  6. Agreed, I was thinking of getting your typical lab but your dog got me thinking but couldnt remember the breed. Something for when we have moved Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah your Airedale is a big boy - lovely dog though. Glad you wrote that acutally as I forgot what breed it was.
  8. Yeah saw them but only black will really work with my white car.
  9. I know, I think although I really don't want leather if I can't find a cloth recaro I am going to have to secumb as my cloth will devalue the value even though it is better than a lot of them😞
  10. Jeez and thanks for sharing Keyo. I saw that car for sale on car and classic. Feel for the seller but we're at that tricky time where values are clearly rising and it's not obvious what to price your car at if you want to sell it. I must admit I thought that blackberry one looked cheap when I saw it and actually the dealer has it about right.
  11. I think it is worth getting a better quality part. Bump stops do help with ride comfort and i would suspect Topran materials would be inferior to febi or better. I have had fingers burnt with cheapo parts - Topran, JP etc and ended up replacing with Bosch or whatever anyway.
  12. Camber yes a spot of negative. Not 100 percent the numbers. Im learning this myself right now as fed up taking my car to garages and ending up with steering at an angle when going straight. As I understand it to get toe you need to form a box around the car and take measurements. There are some relatively inexpensive tools to help. Here's a useful link on the theory. http://www.beardmorebros.co.uk/website%20pages/how%20to/tracking.htm Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Good work, I've just bought one of those magnetic camber/caster tools on seeing it in your pics. Didn't know such thing existed but great to beable to get a ball park on re-assembly.
  14. Good to hear. I've done this job as well and it fixed that ABS fault code. I also has an issue with the pump itself so had a new fitted which solved it - that code was about a valve if I remember correctly. My other corrado (16v) has no ABS light but on removing the light/dial/readout (whatever it is called) i found no bulb so have it all to do again. Got a new pump from chris ferry for 10 quid though which was 10 times cheaper than the vr6 one. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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