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  1. Update. More parts added. Interior. Sold. Mk2 steering wheel ,clocks and inner headlamp trim .Sold. Porsche 3.5 bar fpr .Sold .
  2. The silicone gun trick works well as long as you take a bit of care and attention.
  3. I got a set of four from vw a few weeks back, the corrado ones are dropped now but mk3 golf bolts are virtually the same , they have a shouldered head where as the originals didn't . Can't be a bad thing! Pn. 90688902. Pricey buggers alright at €4.15 + Vat!
  4. Condition of wheeel is very good .non leather .thanks.
  5. Hi , Sorry those clocks are sold. The air ducting is still available, what were you asking about the wheel ?
  6. Corrado G60/mk2 golf gti parts for sale . G60 full cloth interior inc front and rear door cards , excellent condition. SOLD. Newly powdercoated 4 stud subframe ,wishbones with new oe vw ball joints and powerflex bushes .€250. Can sell separately if preferred. G60 4 stud hubs with brand new bearings .€80 16v 256mm calipers and carriers and disc,s. Calipers just rebuilt .€60. Newly Powdercoated front engine crossmember €50 G60 gearbox €150 G60 oe 81mm pistons and rods , excellent condition .€160 Kolbenschmit set of conrod bearings €20 Set of g60 green injectors. €100 Autotech 260 high lift camshaft €150 Autotech chip mapped for 68mm pulley, green injectors with 3.5 bar pressure reg and 260 deg camshaft €60 Oe intercooler €50 Pwr g60 chargecooler kit, comes with chargecooler, coolant rad, circ pump ,new hose and filler . Rated for 300bhp .suitable for other forced induction engines also .€200. G60 steering rack €50 Rack to column knuckle joint €10 Early corrado front and rear bumpers €50 each. Both doors and tailgate .€70 ea G60 oe front arb.newly black powdercoated. €30. Corrado grey interior plastics, all parts available! 9A 16v bottom end complete. Very good order .€100. Kr 16v block ,bores very good . has crank and sump only .€60. Set of 4 kr 16v pistons .excellent. €60. Kolbenschmit conrod bearings .8v,16v ,g60 €20 New set of 16v spark plugs. Beru 14FGH 7DTURX €20. 16V Water pump .new €30 Kr kjet metering head with upper ducting ,needs refurb or suitable for parts.offers. 50 mm 16v intake manifold €50. Mk2 golf GTI gear shift mechanism €20 Various mk2 golf gti black interior plastics, ask.. Digifant fuel pump €30. I'm breaking a full g60 car so have other misc parts available ,send me a message if you are looking for anything. Note: I am located in rep of ireland, postage not a problom within reason and cost. Phone +353879956985
  7. These ngk iridium 4055 plugs appear to be recommended as an alternative to the Bosch W5DPO. Have no experience of them but they are considerably more affordable! https://www.maxrpm.de/NGK-Iridium-IX-plug-spark-for-series-G40-tuned-G60-190hp-Displaced-the-Bosch-W5DP0-0241247500-NGK-4055-BPR7EIX
  8. According to ekta G004 000M2 supersedes the G002 000 code but is the same. I'm going to use this ,I got a second bottle so I have enough to give the pump and rack a good flush out so hopefully all will be ok.
  9. Called into the vw dealer this evening . This fluid is listed for all corrado models so I guess that is that! Well it was until the parts manager happened to walk buy as I was buying it and insisted it was the wrong stuff for my car!!
  10. Thanks for replies so far. I have a bottle of the Febi fluid that I used to use in the mk2 golf gti I had . It was in a white bottle though. Like this.https://www.europaparts.com/power-steering-fluid-06162-febi-bilstein.html Think the only difference is one is mineral based and the green is sythentic based . I'm going to go into vw and see what they say on it!
  11. Hi , What is the correct power steering fluid for an early 1990 16v corrado? I have done numerous searches on here and elsewhere and I'm no clearer on it at all ,more confused than ever ... Firstly my reservoir is the old rectangular type and has a red cap which would indicate ATF, ATF is even wrote on top of the res as well. I've drained out the old fluid and it was so dirty it was difficult to tell if it was green or red origionally but I would have said green if pressed on it. I've read online that all corrado,s regardless of age use the green fluid, I've a mk2 golf Haynes manual which says that from April 1989 vw switched from red atf to the green stuff , Golf info I know but essentially the same pump and rack for the time.i had an 91 mk2 a few years back and I used the green fluid and had no problems btw. I have a late 91 build g60 as well,it also has a red cap on the reservoir but it looks like green fluid within . Yours confused ???
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