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  1. Thanks for that, sounds it's what I need, You would hardly know the pn by any slim chance ?
  2. Cheers, how did that work out for you regarding feel and pedal travel ? 25.4mm appears to be very large no?
  3. Just fitted a set of brembo seat ibiza cupra R 305mm 4 pot calipers on my 91 g60 , thought I might get away without changing the master cylinder as it's new but the pedal travel is very long . What is the best master cylinder upgrade for this application does anyone know? Car is a 91 g60 non abs ,standard m/c is 22mm.
  4. I assumed you meant one of the 3 piece trims below the windscreen, drivers side over wiper motor area ?
  5. I do but it has a crack in it ,not sure if any use to you ?
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply , this is all being fitted to a narrow track 4 stud G60 so might,nt experience the clearance issues that might occour on a vr6 car. The original BBS RJ wheel for the g60 is a 15x 6.5j with an et of 33. My new rims are 7x16 et25. From my calculation the new wheel will be 14.4mm out towards the arch compared to the originals. I think there will be plenty of room in the arch for this as the originals are set quite inward anyway . Just a bit concerned that the 205 section will look a bit overtyred on a narrow track car ? I had a mk2 once with 205/50/15 tyres on and I remember it drove awful !
  7. Thanks , My arches aren't rolled and I hope not to have to if possible ! I didnt think id have to add spacers tbh,thought et25 would be more than spaced out enough as it is ? So your saying a 205 /45 tyre is the one to go for ?
  8. Wheels are et25 , should have mentioned that!
  9. Hi, I'm fitting a set of 7x16 wheels on my corrado g60 as my 15" won't clear the brembo front brake setup I am fitting. What size tyre would suit best on this wheel ? Wheel size convertors say a 195-45-16 is closest to the oe 195-50-15 rolling radius but would a 205-40-16 0r 205-45-16 work out better to drive on. Car is approx 40mm lowered all round with non rolled arches . Thanks .
  10. That's some lovely work going on there!
  11. Update. More parts added. Interior. Sold. Mk2 steering wheel ,clocks and inner headlamp trim .Sold. Porsche 3.5 bar fpr .Sold .
  12. The silicone gun trick works well as long as you take a bit of care and attention.
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