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  1. What rating are the original springs on a 1995 Corrado Storm, please? I am replacing these, amongst other things, and the supplier has asked for the OEM Part number and the colour of the Rating "We have to inform you that by the car details and VIN code , there are several options for color marking , the stiffness of the springs on the front axle - gray-orange \ brown \ On the rear axle - green-orange \ yellow-orange For a more accurate requisition, it is requested OEM of the springs and specify color coding" I'm not sure the ones I have on are the original spec and I can't see any colour through the coating flaking off. Can any one help me with this, Huge thanks Steve
  2. I am replacing the front and rear suspension on my 1995 VR6 Corrado to be standard set up and have been asked what is the stiffness of the springs I require. I have been told by AutoDoc that the stiffness could be grey, orange or brown and the rear: green-orange or yellow-orange. Can anyone advise me what the standard spring stiffness for the Storm was? They have requested OEM of the springs and specify colour coding, huge thanks.
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