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  1. Yeah there's certainly some cowboys out there unfortunately!
  2. Ah but they’ve been squealing since both the discs and pads were brand new so I don’t think that’s the cause. It’s my 4th Corrado over the last 30 years and this has never happened before hence thinking it’s whatever make has been fitted is the cause.
  3. Hi all, I had my front discs and all pads replaced a couple of years ago on my VR6 (with apparently good quality parts) but I have a terrible and embarrassing squeak every time I hit the brakes from the front (driver’s side I think). Am happy to change them again if necessary. Can someone point me in the best direction for the best parts? I thought it might be lack of use for quite a long time but have been driving it most days for the last few months.
  4. Ah now that's an interesting thought. I have got a steering lock on it anyway so it would have to be a fairly determined thief!
  5. Hi all, thanks for your help. I have been trying to find a Toad Alarm but all those that claim to still have them don't respond which is very frustrating! I'm a bit loathe to buy one from Ebay after reading lots of negative reviews about them just not turning up from Southern Car Security (who I've also contacted direct but no response). My old VR6 had a factory fit alarm which would just about go 4 weeks without flattening the battery which is ideal but it did go off everytime a butterfly flew past so I ended up not using it!
  6. Hi all My VR6 has no alarm and has had the immobiliser disabled at some point in it's life so I urgently need to have something fitted. I often park on a busy road so daren't have anything that's likely to go off when vehicles go past nor do I want something that flattens my battery in a fortnight. Can anyone recommend something ultra reliable? I'm not particularly price sensitive - I just want it to work!
  7. Many thanks all for your great advice. New switch is on the way!
  8. Many thanks, that’s brilliant. I’ll track down a new one straight away!
  9. Hi all My sidelight/headlight switch on my ‘95 VR6 is getting red hot when I put the lights on. Does anyone know if this suggests a faulty switch or something more sinister? If the switch itself is likely to be the culprit, any ideas where I could get one? Do VW even still make them? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Thank you both. I'll be taking it instead to my little local VW specialist who at least has experience of Corrados!
  11. Ok thanks for the advice! The HT leads do look awful though (one even held together with insulation tape). I was guessing this might be the number one cause? Also I filled it up with super unleaded but have no idea what it was running on before.
  12. Hi all, I’ve just bought an 80,000 mile VR6 that’s only done about 100 miles over the last couple of years but seemed to run beautifully when I test drove it for a couple of miles but after collecting it yesterday, after a few miles it developed a misfire when accelerating up to about 2000rpm. Above that, it was absolutely fine. I’ve booked it in at my local VW dealer next week but would be very grateful for some pointers as to what might be the cause so I don’t get fleeced for too much! Many thanks.
  13. Hi, I’m after a driver’s side lens for my ‘95 VR6. Anyone have any suggestions without paying £££s from EBay for a set? Thanks!
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