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  1. Really interesting question that has been on my mind lately. Just some thoughts….. I’m not sure that fuel prices is going to be much of a problem for classic / exotic cars as they are generally bought by people who are passionate about them, or have spare money floating about, plus they generally are not daily drivers and therefore do a relatively low mileage or are SORN. ULEZ may be more of a problem, but I think I’d try and avoid a built up area, as I’d rather drive an A or B road, and would worry about getting the car hit the more traffic that’s around. Living in the Scottish Highlands I’m no expert on ULEZ though. I think the main driver is that a lot of people spent 2 years working from home on full or near full pay and had nothing else to spend their money on so that pushed up the price of everything. I imagine the fear that you might die from an invisible virus also spurned people on buying bucket list items when they had time to enjoy them…..hence the advertising line on that travel ad with Ewan MacGregor. The microchip shortage on new cars was a perfect storm driven by the Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez, followed by COVID, a few Chip factory fires all coming at the same time as the average number of micro chips in almost everything has increased massively. It’s hard to know what the future will bring, whether we will be able to run classics / exotics on synthetic fuels for decades to come, or more classics get EV swapped and can drive anywhere for ever. I think it’s unlikely that the cars will die while there are still people alive that listed after them when they were kids. I imagine there are plenty of us that have spent a lot of time during the pandemic working on our cars and therefore there will be a small number in very good condition. Of these, some of us will keep them because we have space and can afford to. Some will sell them because we don’t have space or can’t afford to, and some will be thinking this is my last chance to get something even more special while I still can 🤔
  2. Hi Chris, I would recommend getting the fuel injectors serviced in the near future if they have not been done recently. It’s probably not related to your lumpy idle, but my ‘91 G60 was down on power for a while and then lost compression on one cylinder. Injector service is reasonably cheap, and worth doing on a car if that age.
  3. Thanks Keyo. I think we’ve proven that there are no early and late doors. Just some poorly made ones 👍
  4. Feeling a whole lot better after seeing the car today. The guys in the bodyshop are taking good care of it and I think it’s going to turn out nice. I’ve been waiting 2 years for fresh paint, so the transformation is amazing. There’s a new windscreen getting ordered next week, and I’m looking forward to fitting the newly refurbished fog lights and indicators that just arrived back from Chris ‘Sprinter 53’.
  5. Right, so I’ve been to the bodyshop and there appears to be a tolerance issue between the new doors and the old doors that has caused the problem. They managed to get the drivers door to fit, and it was sitting nice against the wing, but was 5mm high at the B-pillar. The passengers door would not line up with the brackets on the body. It was out by 1-2 mm. Luckily the original doors are in good condition, rust free but with a worn hinge that will have to have to be shimmed. There are also some minor dings to be straightened out. The attached photos show that there is 1-2mm difference in the spacing of the hinges between the new doors and old doors. Unfortunately, I never took photos of the mounting brackets, but the bodyshop confirmed there is no chassis damage and I think the photos of the doors confirm a difference. I’ve read through some old posts, which suggested that Volkswagen had a jig for fitting the doors, but I can’t imagine that this would account for the bolt holes not lining up. So I don’t think there are early or late doors, just no adjustment on the hinges 🤔
  6. I’m starting to think I may have ordered a ‘door for wardrobe’ as well 😏
  7. Hi Shaun, I was wondering what the flap was referring to, and yes I do have an American style tailgate in my list of strategic spares……….which so far don’t seem to fit 🙄
  8. Thanks. I should have photos from the bodyshop tomorrow, which will confirm where the problem lies 👍
  9. I’ve added the part numbers from the Heritage invoice and list of prt numbers from LLL Parts, which list these for cars with central locking. the last owner had the car from 3 months old until 25 years old and said it had never been in an accident. Time will tell.
  10. I can’t follow that link mate, but assuming that it confirms there was a change. I’ve phoned the bodyshop and the car’s currently in the booth getting painted, so I’ll go over at lunchtime tomorrow to take pictures and recover the new / now primed doors. it’s a good job they checked the doors before fully painting them.
  11. Thanks for the photos mate. I’ve done some more trawling myself which seems to confirm that there is no change to the doors from early to late cars, which is a relief. I will get in touch with the bodyshop and take photos of dimensions of the hinges on the car and on the new doors. Hopefully it’s a manufacturing issue with the new doors, and not the car that’s off 🤞
  12. I bought 2 new Corrado doors from Heritage Parts Centre about a year ago and finally got round to getting them painted. The body shop just called to say the doors don’t fit as the hinges are in the wrong place. The car is a ‘95 model and I just wanted to check if the doors are different for early and late cars? I knew the front bumper, wings, bonnet etc changed for later cars, but assumed the doors were the same. Can anyone confirm they are different. Disappointed that I didn’t appreciate there was a difference, and I don’t recall Heritage stating they were year dependent. Fortunately the original doors are not bad, but will take a bit longer to remove some dings. Feeling a bit sick….. If they are for an early car then by brother has just lucked out on his 91 G60 🤔
  13. Pretty sure I bought it off Amazon.
  14. I was recommended this product by the mechanic I get to work on the VR6. He is into his old Volkswagens and uses it on his Mk1 GTI. I have not used it yet, but happy for people to pass their comments and see if it’s suitable.
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