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  1. Hi Mate have u got the charger and if so how much for it. Thanks
  2. Bushyg60

    G60 supercharger

    So every g60 owners nightmare happened to me yesterday my charger went bang. So I'm looking for another charger.
  3. Sorry for the very late reply but if you still have it would u take 70 for it. Thanks
  4. Bushyg60

    440cc injectors

    Hi all I'm looking for the lime green 440cc injectors. Thanks
  5. How much for the gearbox as mine decided to grande itself last night. If u still have it.
  6. Bushyg60

    G60 gearbox

    Looking for a g60 gearbox as mine decided to grande itself last night
  7. Hi all I'm looking at getting some new rims but not sure if they will fit they are 9j et 18 rears and 8j et15 fronts
  8. Does any of u guys know where I can get my modified g60 rolling roaded to map my ecu chip. Somewhere near south Wales ish.
  9. Bushyg60

    Chip tuning

    Hi I'm new to this and just after some advice. I have a g60 with a lot of engine mods and the last thing I need is a session on a rolling road. Dose anyone know of anywhere near ish to south Wales.
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